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Use UTM templates and a bulk builder to save time and eliminate mistakes

Make better marketing decisions and improve ROI with cleaner data

Be more efficient thanks to an industry-leading Chrome extension

Best for: Building, managing, and tracking links allows you to build, share, and sync UTMs with your team so that you can have cleaner data, resulting in better campaign results.

If you’ve ever run a marketing campaign, you know the struggle creating individual UTM links.

But with, you can use a bulk builder to create multiple campaign links at once, saving yourself hours on hours.

And this isn’t the only way will save you time.

You can also quickly whip up UTM templates that clients and team members can use, drastically cutting down their workload and mistakes in spelling or capitalization. (It’s “email” not “eMail,” Sharon.)

Lifetime Access to makes life ridiculously easily thanks to their industry-leading Chrome extension.

This powerful Chrome extension can give you a better workflow by letting you build links faster and easier.

And because it works in Chrome, you will no longer have to flip back and forth between software and website.

Lifetime Access to

By syncing UTM templates across your team and clients, you will get clearer and more accurate tracking data.

Inside your link dashboard, you’ll have a complete look at campaign performance and link clicks.

This data will allow you and your team to make better marketing decisions and improve ROI.

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Marketers and agencies, you can simplify your UTM link process with the AppSumo Plan, which includes:

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And you can get lifetime access to this unique plan for just $49!

But what if I need more projects and custom domains?

Well then, Sumo-ling, stack as many codes as you need! Each time you stack, you’ll get an additional 10 projects and 1 custom domain!

Make link building and managing a breeze now!

Lifetime Access to

Unlike other companies, doesn’t charge for clicks, links, or users. They also don’t limit the number of links you can create.

Another reason is better than the competition is their superior UX — makes it incredibly easy to for anyone to create and manage links.

There’s also the ability to create links with a custom domain so that you can build trust and increase clickability.

And let’s not forget about the Chrome extension that no one is able to compete with.

Lifetime Access to

You’ve been dreaming of a way to make the link building process more efficient.

Well, wake up, is here.

Say goodbye to messy spreadsheets and even messier data.

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