Lifetime Access to Quriobot for $49.00 (June 2019)


Build a friendly and intelligent chatbot that will answer questions and help site visitors

Use chatbots for lead generation, customer support, and feedback

Keep track of bot interactions with extensive reporting features

Best for: Marketing agencies, web developers, advertisers, and entrepreneurs who want to engage and convert site visitors 24/7

Quriobot lets you build a friendly chatbot that will answer questions and help your site visitors find what they’re looking for.

Quriobot chatbots can be used for lead gencustomer supportand feedback.

You can embed your chatbot on your website or create a specific landing page for it.

By creating specific landing pages, you can spark a conversation between your customer and chatbot to get the feedback you want.

You can even add Quriobot to Facebook Messenger!

Lifetime Access to Quriobot

Your Quriobot chatbots will speak to customers in your customers’ native language.

Once your Chatty Kathys are up and running, you can use the extensive reporting features to keep track of how people are interacting with your bot.

You’ll also be able to connect the bot to all your favorite services (like Google Docs) and streamline workflows.

Lifetime Access to Quriobot

Quriobot makes sure it’s easy to have the best-looking and most effective chatbots in town.

With Quriobot, you can either start from scratch (no coding necessary) or you can use one of their pre-made templates. Whichever route you choose, you’ll have a chatbot that meets your needs!

You’ll have the design capabilities necessary to customize your chatbot so that it fits seamlessly onto your site.

In addition to creating your bot with the list view, where you drag-and-drop steps, Quriobot now lets you build your bot using the visual bot builder.

The visual bot builder shows all steps in a grid with the connections between all steps as lines.

Lifetime Access to Quriobot

With Quriobot’s robust conversational designer, you can make sure customers are interacted with exactly as intended.

Your chatbot will be able to start conversations proactively and behave based on the conditional rules you set.

You can apply smart jumps between questions based on the answers from your customers and assure a relevant conversation.

Plus, you’ll also have tools at your disposal to add things like multiple choice questions, star ratings, and date selection.

With Quriobot, you are in total control so your chatbots can be as simple or advanced as you want them to be.

Lifetime Access to Quriobot

Quriobot is telling the competition to bite their shorts in several ways:

We’ll start with reporting. Quriobot knows you can only improve your bot if you understand how people are interacting with it. So, in addition to downloadable results, you can receive progress over time reportsinteractive reporting features, and funnels.

With Quriobot, you’re fully in control of your bot. We’re talking when/how it starts, length of convo, continuing conversations on multiple screens, etc. This will help you not annoy visitors and get them to participate.

Thanks to users being able to go back to conversations without breaking the flow and dedicated landing pages, Quriobot ensures that your customers will have a much better user experience.

So whether you’re a business owner or a marketing agency tasked with making your customers’ sites awesome, Quriobot is the answer.

Start turning non-converting forms into crucial data, leads, and insights.

Build your bots now!

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P.P.S. Sumo-lings, if you purchased Quriobot codes last time, you can get more chats per month by adding new codes to your existing organization. And if you bought 5 codes last time, you can unlock an unlimited amount of chats for sub-organizations by grabbing just one more code!