Lifetime Access to Push.World for $49.00 (Oct 2019)


Increase retention and recover lost sales with web push notifications

Segment your subscribers and target for specific regions or time zones

Reach customers right on their desktop (even offline) and get them back to your site

Best for: Website owners looking for a new way to boost sales and improve conversions

Push.World is a channel to re-engage customers, increase traffic, and drive sales conversions with push notifications.

When a site visitor abandons their cart, you do what every other company does: you send them an abandoned cart email.

But instead of your messages getting buried under 100 others, Push.World lets you seamlessly re-engage customers and recover lost sales from abandoned carts with automated and personalized push notifications that are sent directly to the user’s desktop or mobile.

Like your digital wingman, Push.World comes through in the clutch with a subtle nudge (or not-so-subtle if that’s more your style) to drive visitors back to your website.

Reach customers right on their desktop and get them back to your website.
Increase conversion rate with web push notifications that capture your customer’s attention, whenever and wherever they are.

In just one click, Push.World gets your customers right back where you want them (your website) — no third-party apps or services needed.

Segment your subscribers and send personalized messages based on location, time zone, device type or other targeted variables.

Create targeted messaging based on location, time zone and devices.
It even works when a user is offline. Once they’re back on, they’ll immediately be hit with your push notification.

And because in today’s digital world, pretty pictures speak louder than words, Push.World lets you send rich push notifications that capture your customers’ attention. 🙌

Set up is quick and easy (it literally takes 3 minutes!) – no downloads or installations required.

Once it’s up and running, you can track clicks, views and conversion rates in real-time on the dashboard. Push.World is supported by all major browsers.

Track live data and performance metrics on the dashboard.
Visitors come to your website and — more often than you’d like — leave without purchasing your product or subscribing to a service.

But if the classic “Psst…You Left Something Behind” e-mail isn’t quite cutting it, it’s time to push it to the limit with Push.World.

Get lifetime access now!

P.S. Join us for a webinar and walk-through of Push.World on October 11th at 10am CDTClick here to register.