Lifetime Access to PromoRepublic for $49.00 (Dec 2018)


Access 7.5K ready-made templates, 100K images, and an inspiration library

Customize images in flash with an easy-to-use graphics editor

Schedule all your content in advance

Best for: Influencers, small businesses running, and anyone looking to cut down on time spent crafting posts

PromoRepublic is a powerful social media tool with custom templates and images so smaller operations can create a big marketing impact.

Psst, we’ll let you in on a secret: creating professional-level posts that get a ton of likes and shares, doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming.

You see, PromoRepublic’s extensive library of over 7,500 ready-made templates and 100,000 images has you covered like the perfect store-bought pie (sorry, Nana) for the office potluck you forgot about.

Lifetime Access to PromoRepublic

And even though you’ll be using PromoRepublic’s templates and images, you’ll still be one-of-a-kind.

That’s because PromoRepublic has a handy graphics editor that lets you customize colors, fonts (over 200!), and backgrounds as well as allows you to add your company logo.

If you’re determined to flex those creative muscles, you can open up a blank canvas and start from scratch!

Say goodbye to weird skewing or awkward cropping with templates sized for different social media platforms.
With captivating content tailored to your specific industry, PromoRepublic’s media strategy is anything but generic. (You’ll find everything you need from health and beauty to fitness to restaurants.)

If you’re feeling stuck, PromoRepublic has your back. You can find content to post any day by using their Post Ideas Library, based on major and obscure holidays, historical events, celeb bdays (love you, Ryan Gosling), and more.

Lifetime Access to PromoRepublic

Once you know what you want to post, you can schedule your content in advance by time and frequency and then kick back, engaging your audience even when you’re engaged in something else.

PromoRepublic then lets you track how your posts are doing across different social media platforms with ROI stats on comments, shares, likes, and more (*sniffle* they blow up so fast).

Lifetime Access to PromoRepublic

Small businesses and agencies all over count on PromoRepublic to develop bold and timely content.

Today, we bring you PromoRepublic’s Smart Posting Plan, which includes:

The Smart Posting Plan will help you stay on top of your social media game and can be yours for life for just $49!

Step up your social media game now!

Ok, but what if you really want to let go and let PromoRepublic take the wheel?

Well, if you stack a second code, you’ll get another team member, 15 more social media profiles, 1K template downloads per month, and exclusivekick-starter access to Autopilot and all of its updates, including Artificial Content Intelligence!

Note: If you previously bought this deal, all you need is one code to unlock those extra features.

Right now, the Content Autopilot feature will tell you the best timefrequencyand content(fun, engaging, promotional, etc.) for posting.

And in the future, Autopilot will give you personalized and automated content recommendations like curated content, hashtags suggestions, which posts to boost on Facebook, etc. This means you’ll never have to think about posting again!

Automate your social media today with two codes!

Yeah, there are tools that help with social media posting but they lack the ~*inspiration*~ PromoRepublic brings.

PromoRepublic will help cut down the amount of time you spend thinking of clever posts to just a few hours a month.

All that time saved can go towards developing other parts of your business, fixing your golf swing, and spending more time with the kids (seriously, they miss you).

Basically, PromoRepublic is going to do all of the heavy social media lifting with just a few clicks from you.

Lifetime Access to PromoRepublic

Lifetime Access to PromoRepublic

Tracking your different accounts, deciding when and what to post, and keeping your marketing on-brand shouldn’t require hiring a dedicated social media team.

We already know your business is awesome. It’s time the rest of the world does too.

Get lifetime access to PromoRepublic!

Note: If you previously bought this deal, all you need is one code to unlock those extra features.

P.S. As a bonus, every purchaser will receive: a Holiday Marketing Guide, content planning frameworks, and a Social Media Marketing Online Course (complete course for beginners)!

P.P.S. Tune into a PromoRepublic webinar on Tuesday, December 18th at 10:00am CDTClick here to register.

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