Lifetime Access to Webinar Ninja for $49 (Jul 2016)

You would sell your kids for this lifetime deal (Luckily, you don’t have to)

Play your way out of the minor leagues and into the webinar majors with one of our coolest deals yet!

Webinars are one of the easiest ways to market your product.

They cost nothing to make, allow you to interact directly with your customers, and you immediately see the re$ults once you’re done.

The problem is free tools are buggy with the resolution of a potato and “professional” tools are expensive and often require your viewers to download software (ain’t nobody got time for that!)

Omar felt those same points and decided to build his own GOOD web-hosted webinar software from the ground up.

He now uses that software to record “The $100 MBA” course” and podcast. (Which, by the way, was a 2014 Best of iTunes winner.)

His attendees started asking him how they could buy what he was using!

And so WebinarNinja was born!

What makes WebinarNinja special?

  • It’s completely web-hosted (no annoying software to download so attendance goes up)
  • You can create a webinar in 10 seconds.
  • WebinarNinja is Usain Bolt-like fast because it uses the latest in live video technology (WebRTC) and ensures ZERO delay.
  • Custom sign-up pages, email reminders, chat, polls, Q&A, and offers. ALL of these things can be done directly in the software.

As if that wasn’t enough, you can record your webinars so you can show it to future attendees (shhh, we won’t tell them it’s not live).

Pretty cool, right? Just check out all the features you get:

Ok so you’re in. You’re asking me how much is this gonna cost me?

What I’m about to tell you may cause you to physically throw your money at the computer screen. Please, fight this urge.

Usually, WebinarNinja charges $400 per year for access (a steal if it helps you double your attendance rate).

But, WebinarNinja agreed to give Sumo-lings an unheard of price.

That price?

$49 for lifetime access!

That’s just $4 more than what they charge per month! And they are giving you lifetime access!

CLICK HERE and start using WebinarNinja!

WebinarNinja has a solid following, and their users are more than pleased. Take a look:

Lifetime Access to Webinar Ninja!

In addition to some of the features discussed earlier in this email, Sumo-lings will also be given:

Lifetime Access to Webinar Ninja!

Some of you may be using Google Hangouts to do your webinars, and that is okay if you enjoy annoying 30-second delays. (It’s fine, really, it’s not like wasting time is wasting money.)

And the rest of you may be overpaying by buying extra add-on software or by using GoToWebinar.

But, you don’t have to do either of those things, WebinarNinja has you covered!

Lifetime Access to Webinar Ninja!

Lifetime Access to Webinar Ninja!

Lifetime Access to Webinar Ninja!

Lifetime Access to Webinar Ninja!

I cannot stress enough what a tremendous deal this is.

Similar services cost $100+ per MONTH.

At $49 for lifetime access, WebinarNinja is basically giving away its services.

In fact, this deal PAYS for itself after just the second month.

To not take them up on this offer would be downright disrespectful.

Get this today and start growing your business faster than ever with webinars!

Sign-up here!

P.S. This deal will not last. Get this now before Omar wakes up, freaks out, and shuts this deal down! 🙂