Lifetime Access to Viral Loops for $49 (Oct 2017)

Get everyone talking about you

Increase your customer base with these viral marketing campaign templates

If you’ve ever recorded a video of yourself throwing a bucket of ice on your head, you know how valuable viral word-of-mouth marketing is.

The reason is obvious: people trust their friends more than a billboard.

But just because word-of-mouth can happen organically, doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to amplify its reach.

That’s where Viral Loops comes in.

Lifetime Access to Viral Loops

Viral Loops is a template-based viral and referral marketing platform that helps businesses acquire more customers through word-of-mouth sales.

The customizable templates Viral Loops offers are based on some of the most effective viral marketing campaigns out there.

Not to name drop, but we’re talking programs used by Dropbox, Gilt, and Airbnb, to name a few.

Check out the viral and referral marketing campaigns that Viral Loops can help you set up in minutes:

    • Pre-launch campaigns similar to the one Robinhood used that garnered them a million people on their waitlist. The “waitlist” model is simple: the more friends people refer, the higher they move up on the waitlist and the quicker they get access.
    • Traditional eCommerce referral program where your company gives customers a shareable link that they can use to get prizes.
  • Viral sweepstakes and competitions to engage customers and maximize social media reach.

Whether you’re a brand, eCommerce store, or tech startup, Viral Loops can help your business get the exposure and virality it needs to grow.

Lifetime Access to Viral Loops

Usually, Viral Loops’ Plus Plan costs $199 per month.

But we were feeling Fall-festive, so we got you Sumolings a spiced up version of the Plus Plan.

This feature-packed plan comes with:

    • All campaign templates (Referral, Giveaway, Pre-launch, etc.)
    • Up to 15,000 participants
    • Personalized widgets
    • Viral Booster Emails
    • CSV export
    • API access
    • Fraud detection
    • eCommerce coupon system
    • 30% off any future upgrades when you buy this deal

Viral Loops is also working on making their branding lighter and co-branding so you can add your logo to all your viral campaigns.

Overwhelmed yet? Well, Sumolings, get this:

Viral Loops has agreed to offer you lifetime access to the Plus Plan for just $49!

Don’t miss out on this ridiculous deal.

Start your referral campaigns right now!

These folks are already using Viral Loops and want you to know about its awesomeness:

Lifetime Access to Viral Loops

Lifetime Access to Viral Loops

Lifetime Access to Viral Loops

Viral Loops offers templates that are not only proven to be effective, they’re also incredibly easy to create, implement, and run. Just a few clicks and, voila!

Each template has a Viral Boost feature, giving participants the ability to invite friends and make magic happen.

These campaigns are trackable so you will always have a clear overview of how things are going.

If you want to get deep in your analytics, Viral Loops also lets you export a list of your leads and view performance in ratios so you can track the engagement.

Viral Loops also has the first intercom-style widget for referrals with smart behavior based on the user’s preferences and purchase history. (Take that, regular embedded widgets!)

Lifetime Access to Viral Loops

Viral Loops is not your average “invite a friend” campaign.

With Viral Loops, you can run your campaigns from one dashboard and grow your business at every stage of the funnel. From email list building to engagement campaigns and referrals, Viral Loops has you covered.

And you can do all this for life for just $49!

Click here for lifetime access to Viral Loops’ Plus Plan!