Lifetime Access to RelayThat Pro Plan for $49 (March 2018)

Explore a design goldmine

Resize and edit thousands of marketing images in minutes with RelayThat

Good news: There are a ton of social media channels you can use to promote your brand.

Bad news: It’s painfully time-consuming to redesign images for all of them.

Gooder news: We’ve got a tool that will give you design superpowers!

Meet RelayThat.

RelayThat takes the guesswork out of design creation to deliver professional results without endless hours of tweaking.

Bad design can hurt a brand’s credibility so RelayThat acts as a design explorer—guiding you to the best looking creative options you wouldn’t have time to try or hadn’t even considered.

Layouts are tested continuously for engagement and traffic conversion on every channel so that only the best ones make it into the ever-evolving library of designs.

This balance of art and tech means your brand will stand out and remain consistent on every channel.

Lifetime Access to RelayThat

To further enhance your designs, you can search over 350,000 photos, icons, and curated backgrounds that you won’t find anywhere else!

Everything is 100% copyright-free and can be used for any industry or brand (small businesses, retail, events and conferences, franchises, you name it).

Using RelayThat requires no design skills, so editing marketing images and staying on brand is as simple as it gets.

Beginners and professionals alike are reaping the rewards of RelayThat.

With the ability to remix and resize any layout, designers can keep all of their clients happy by producing tons of images in no time.

But there’s only one thing better than unlimited design options: the ability to switch the entire layout library to a completely different brand in one click!

If you’re an agency, social media manager, or someone that just has a ton of stuff going on, there’s no limit to creative uses you’ll find for this powerful feature.
The RelayThat Pro Plan has everything you need to boost your online presence:

    • Unlimited Projects (switch between multiple brands or projects in a single click)
    • Unlimited Image Downloads (save high quality .png or web-friendly .jpg images for personal AND commercial use)
    • 2000+ SmartLayouts
    • One Click Resize/Remix for any layout (no additional tweaking necessary)
    • 350,000+ Copyright-Free Photos and Icons
    • Custom Font Uploads

To the outside world, this plan costs $1,164 a year.

But, inside of Sumo-world, lifetime access is available for just $49!

Let this sink in for a second: You are getting lifetime access for less than what someone pays for one month. (I know. I’m not entirely sure how we do it, either.)

Get images for every social media site now!

Lifetime Access to RelayThat

RelayThat is in a league of its own.

Other paid tools require users to have an eye for design to get past the basic templates offered.

However, RelayThat will help you deliver professional-level results with zero understanding of design concepts, and will provide you with unique assets such as layouts for book promotionsdigital device mockups, and layouts that encourage engagement and interest traction from viewers.

RelayThat also creates pixel-perfect images every time, regardless of the size or complexity of the design. (The other platforms just resize the background or can only handle basic designs.)

Lifetime Access to RelayThat

The idea of being able to resize and edit multiple images quickly and perfectly used to be far-fetched.

But this is precisely what RelayThat is doing for designers, campaign managers, and the ordinary joe with little to no design skill.

So if you want to create high-quality images without having to spend hours using complex tools, then you need to get lifetime access to RelayThat for just $49.

Start making awesome images now!

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