Lifetime Access to Plutio for $49 (Oct 2017)


3 deals ($49 x 3) = You get everything listed in the roadmap without any extra fee. You will also get 15 teammates with this.

1 deal ($49) = You get all future updates of the current features & all except starred ones in the roadmap

Zapier integration coming end of 2017 (yes, it’s included)

Connect PayPal, Stripe or bank account (no additional fee)

Unlimited contractors

Up to 5 teammates ($3.99/mo for additional teammate)

Unlimited invoices

Unlimited clients

Unlimited projects

Keeping all your projects organized is key to running a successful freelancing business.But as your business grows, it becomes a lot harder, especially when you’re creating invoices, onboarding new clients, and keeping your team on track.

Which is why we introduced Sumolings to Plutio last week.

Plutio gives freelancers and small businesses a centralized platform for managing projects, tasks, invoices, and people.

These Sumolings have been using Plutio and are raving about it:

Lifetime Access to Plutio

Lifetime Access to Plutio

Lifetime Access to Plutio

Hundreds of Sumolings have bought Plutio and are giving it tacos for days!
In this deal, Plutio is offering Sumolings lifetime access to:

    • Unlimited projects
    • 5 teammates
    • Unlimited clients
  • Unlimited contractors

Normally, this type of access to Plutio’s impressive platform would run you $318 per year.

But while codes are still available, you can grab lifetime access to Plutio for just $49!

Click here to get lifetime access to Plutio!

Plutio was designed specifically for freelancers with the goal of creating an incredible product that replaces thousands of dollars worth of other tools.

Since every freelancer’s business is unique, Plutio lets you customize your workflow and organize your projects just the way you like.

You’ll also have tasks automatically sorted by due date, with info on who’s doing what and how close they are to being done. (Never receive a passive-aggressive Slack check-in again!)

Plutio has a desktop and mobile app so you can run your business from anywhere, making it easy to stay on top of all your projects.

Lifetime Access to Plutio

Sumolings, if you’re tired of having an app for your apps just to keep your business running smoothly, you can’t afford to miss out on this Plutio deal.

And at just $49 for lifetime access, this is a no brainer.

Give your freelancer business the tool it deserves and let Plutio make your life a whole lot more organized.

Start managing your business with Plutio!

P.S. Codes for this deal are stackable and if you buy three, you can unlock all future agency updates and integrations, including the starred ones in the roadmap! To stack this deal, click here and apply the new codes one at a time.

Lifetime Access to Plutio