Lifetime Access to PixelMe for $39 (Oct 2017)


Access to email and live support

Add up to 5 team members

Shorten up to 1,000 links per month

Set up your own custom domain

Add up to 5 retargeting pixels, one per channel

Lifetime access to Pro Plan

Imagine being able to retarget anybody who clicks on your links. And we’re talking about anybody, even via Facebook and Twitter.

With the PixelMe URL shortener and retargeting pixel, your dreams can finally be turned into a reality.

And if a retargeting pixel sounds like something out of The Matrix to you, don’t worry: it’s just a piece of code that lets you target and track people who click on your links so you can show them more relevant ads and content.

With PixelMe you can increase clickthroughs, improve ROI, and decrease ads acquisition costsusing their genius URL shortener and retargeting pixel.

Lifetime Access to PixelMe

Curious as to how it works?

Here’s the breakdown:

    1. You plug a URL into PixelMe to create a shortened URL. (The URL can be linked to an article, a company web page, or your latest blog post on what arguing with your girlfriend taught you about couch pillows.)
    1. You slide that shortened URL into a social media post.
    1. People click on that shortened URL and, because of a cookie, they will begin to be tracked. (If you give a link a cookie…)
  1. After the tracker has been placed, you’ll be able to run retargeting ads across all their social media platforms!

So even if someone viewed your product and never purchased, or visited your event page but never bought a ticket, you’ll still be able to retarget them at a later time.

Lifetime Access to PixelMe

PixelMe also makes working with social influencers all the more effective.

In the past, your marketing with social influencers was a one-and-done. But by giving them a PixelMe URL, you can now continue to retarget their audience long after the initial promotion ends.

You can now leverage the power of other people’s platforms to build your own custom audience and your empire. Trust the source: PixelMe increased their click-through rate by 600% on Facebook alone!)

And fret not, PixelMe isn’t limiting your retargeting efforts to just Facebook.

You’ll also be able to hit your audience up on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Google!

Lifetime Access to PixelMe

Now, we know you’re going to love the Sumoling price we secured on this retargeting pixel powerhouse.

Ordinarily, PixelMe’s Pro Plan is $69 per month.

Inside of the Pro Plan, you’ll find:

    • 5 retargeting pixels. Each pixel is reserved for one platform. So, with 5 pixels, you can use one pixel to retarget people on Facebook, one pixel to retarget people on Twitter, so on and so forth.
    • Your own custom domain
    • Up to 1,000 shortened URL links per month
  • Up to 5 team members

However, for a limited time, Sumolings can secure lifetime access for only $39!

Let that sink in.

Sumolings are getting lifetime access for half of what the average Joe pays per month! (In your face, average Joe!)

Click here for lifetime access to PixelMe’s Pro Plan!

Lifetime Access to PixelMe

There are some unique things that PixelMe does that other companies don’t.

For one, PixelMe gives you the ability to retarget people from 5 different Ads platforms.

And when it comes to dependability, they have a 99.9% SLA, meaning their shortened links are always up and running.

Lifetime Access to PixelMe

Whether you work with influencers or you share external content and want to retarget visitors, this URL shortener is a tool that needs to be added to your arsenal.

With PixelMe, you can reduce your paid acquisition and acquire more qualified leads for life.

And you’ll do it for just $39.

Start retargeting your audience now!