Lifetime Access to Nusii AppSumo Plan for $49 (April 2018)

She said yes!

Create beautiful proposals in minutes with Nusii

”Time is money” is the freelancer motto.

So the fact that freelancers have to lose hours to Word and InDesign, writing and formatting proposals, is really problematic.

And not to mention the hours freelancers spend in limbo wondering if potential clients have opened or signed the proposal.

Our friends at Nusii knew this struggle all too well and decided to give freelancers a better proposal solution.

Lifetime Access to Nusii

Nusii is software that lets freelancers easily create beautiful proposals.

With professional, out-of-the-box proposal templates, you can quickly add logos, text, and other assets to have a proposal ready in minutes. (If you know how to drag and drop, you know how to customize these templates.)

Lifetime Access to Nusii

But if you thought Nusii’s time-saving skills were done there, you’re wrong.

Forget about having to scour through folders and USBs looking for proposal content.

Nusii lets you save and insert your best content and pricing with the click of a button!

On top of that, Nusii’s proposal variables will help you automagically swap out old client company details.

Lifetime Access to Nusii

Long gone are the days of sending proposals and being completely clueless as to whether someone received your proposal or not.

Nusii keeps you up to date by letting you know when a client opens the email that contains your proposal link and again when they open your proposal.

And yes, your info is safe. All accounts are stored on a secure 128-bit SSL connection and no data is shared with third parties. (Proposals are only accessible through the direct link you send.)

Nusii doesn’t just make life simple for you, it also make it simple for clients by allowing them to sign proposals electronically.

Once you begin working with clients, you can create and send beautifully formatted online Nusii reports to keep clients up to speed!

Lifetime Access to Nusii

Due to the number Sumo-lancers in our tribe, we knew we had to convince Nusii to give us a special plan.

Lucky for us, Nusii was thinking the same thing created an exclusive AppSumo Plan.

This plan includes:

    • 1 User
    • 45 active proposals per month
    • Zapier integration
    • Proposal Tracking
    • Custom Branding
    • Automatic reminders
    • Digital Signing

The AppSumo Pro Plan is valued at $948 a year.

However, you can get lifetime access for just $49!

And feel free to really take advantage of this deal by stacking codes. (2 codes will get you 2 users and 90 active proposals; 3 deals will get you 3 users and 135 proposals; and so on and so forth).

Create proposals clients can’t say no to!

Lifetime Access to Nusii

Lifetime Access to Nusii

Creative freelancers built Nusii because they know life’s too short to spend all day writing proposals.

So, over the years, they’ve done everything in their power to keep the proposal process as simple and streamlined as possible.

While other companies are offering more complex tools with fluff you don’t need, Nusii allows you to create high-quality proposals in 15 minutes (real customer data).

From stunning templates to process-tracking notifications, Nusii is a freelancer’s dream.

Get lifetime access to Nusii and never worry about the proposal process again.

Maximize your billable hours now!