Lifetime Access to MobileMonkey for $49 (May 2018)

Make Messenger a marketing machine

Ten years ago, Larry Kim made a huge mistake. (No, he didn’t buy a pair of cold-weather Crocs.)

Larry chose Drupal over WordPress. (Yikes!)

This grave error in judgment helped Larry understand the ramifications of picking the wrong marketing platform.

His experience motivated him to build software tools for Facebook, AdWords, SEO and Keyword Research — all together, these tools have been used by millions of marketers worldwide. (Oh, yeah. And he just sold the company he founded, WordStream, for a cool 150M. Casual.)

Now, he’s bringing Sumo-lings the Facebook Messenger powerhouse that is MobileMonkey.

MobileMonkey lets you grow your contact list, segment your audience, chat blast, and more, making it the ultimate Messenger marketing platform!

Chatbots used to be just a tool to talk to customers. But now, MobileMonkey is changing the way we look at chatbots.

For starters, MobileMonkey gives you five different ways to grow your audiences:

    1. Messenger check box next to every email capture on site;


    1. Customer chat widget (as soon as someone responds to a message they are opted in);


    1. Link to Messenger — create a custom link to that sends people directly to Messenger;


    1. FB comment guard — create a FB organic post and anyone who comments on the post gets an instant chat and is opted into your list;


  1. FB Messenger Ads — opt people into audiences when they click on the ad.

Lifetime Access to MobileMonkey Pro

Once you collect these valuable leads, you can segment your audience by using automated questions as filters, tagging people, and adding them to interest-based chat-blasting lists. (You can also search and filter contacts by questions in your audience tab.)

And after that? You guessed it.

You can chat blast audiences with messages that are proven to see significantly higher open rates than your traditional email messages.

Lifetime Access to Mobile Monkey Pro

Even though MobileMonkey is more than just chatting, it still takes that element very seriously.

Chatbots can be programmed to make appointmentsanswer FAQstrack purchases, and use A.I. to match content to intent via keywords and interactions.

You can also jump into a conversation and override your chatbot — this is known as a “live operator takeover” (and it’s just as cool as it sounds).

Creating chatbots and custom web pages is as simple as setting up a WordPress page. (With tabs and drop-down menus, maybe even easier!)

Lifetime Access to MobileMonkey Pro

So how much is MobileMonkey charging for their solution to Facebook marketing? It depends on who’s buying.

Common folk can get the MobileMonkey Professional Plan for $504 a year.

The Professional Plan comes with:

    • 1 Active Chatbot (unlimited inactive bots)
    • 1 Facebook Page
    • Up to 5,000 contacts


But, if you’re a Sumo-ling, you can get lifetime access to MobileMonkey for just $49!

Hold on. There’s more.

You can stack this deal as many times as you want! At this point, you’ll have to create separate accounts but MobileMonkey is working on an agency dashboard for you to manage all your accounts from one centralized location (coming very soon).

Very important: This will be the only time you’ll ever see a MobileMonkey deal in our store. So if you even think for a second you want this deal, grab it!

Automate your Facebook messaging now!

Lifetime Access to Mobile Monkey Pro

Lifetime Access to MobileMonkey Pro

With MobileMonkey, you are able to automate Messenger marketing campaigns and convert contacts into customers without landing pages or HTML forms.

MobileMonkey will even notify you when a high-intent lead is chatting with you so you can focus your energy on converting them.

In addition, you can take Facebook Ads to the next level by integrating MobileMonkey’s new ad format, designed for lifetime customer engagement.

And, last but not least, there’s bot analytics — set up custom events to track sessions, new vs returning, and conversions.

Lifetime Access to Mobile Monkey Pro

Nowadays, due to Facebook changing its algorithm, organic reach is almost nonexistent.

We have all felt the hit in our marketing budget as our ad spend has skyrocketed.

But MobileMonkey is helping businesses avoid wasting marketing dollars and beat the system.

Digital and PPC Marketers, this deal is a must-have and word the wise: Larry has it made it clear you will never see this deal again!

Grab lifetime access to the Professional Plan for just $49!

P.S. We’re so excited about MobileMonkey’s magical powers that we made our own account! Click this link to see how the Facebook Chatbot and Comment Guard work first-hand and get exclusive insider access to our upcoming webinar.



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