Lifetime Access to Leonard Business (1 code) or Enterprise (2 codes) for $49 (March 2018)

Less than 500 codes left to grow your LinkedIn

Haaave you met Leonard?

Last week we welcomed Leonard into our AppSumo home.

And while Leonard hasn’t been the best at doing dishes, it has helped Sumo-lings conquer LinkedIn through automation.

So naturally, once word spread about Leonard and its capabilities, our inventory of codes started to vanish.

Sumo-lings are loving their new found engagement on LinkedIn:

Lifetime Access to Leonard

Lifetime Access to Leonard

Leonard is an easy-to-use sales, marketing, and growth automation bot for LinkedIn.

Currently, you can get lifetime access to the Leonard Business Plan for just $49. (This plan is normally $99.)

The Business Plan includes:

    • 400/day Auto Profile Visits
    • 400/day Auto Tag Profiles (tag profiles to target specific groups)
    • 100/day Auto Invites
    • 300/day Personalized Bulk Messages

Automate your LinkedIn growth now!

If you are looking for a plan with some more gas in the tank, check out the Leonard Enterprise Plan:

    • 500/day Auto Profile Visits
    • 500/day Auto Tag Profiles
    • 200/day Auto Invites
    • 500/day Personalized Bulk Messages
    • 500/day Personalized Bulk InMail Messages (message someone even if they aren’t in your network)

To get the Enterprise Plan, purchase two codes at the checkout page.

But, you have to get your code(s) quickly because we are running out.

What used to take you tons of time to do, Leonard does in minutes.

Leonard can automatically send invitation requests and personalized messages as well as automatically view profiles.

Leonard now gives ALL Premium LinkedIn users (not just Sales Navigator subscribers) the ability to send hundreds of personalized InMail to contacts with subject lines and even attachments!

And while Leonard uses super smart AI to mimic your LinkedIn behaviors, do not abuse it or else LinkedIn will ban you. (Seriously, grow responsibly.)

Lifetime Access to Leonard

Strengthening your LinkedIn network doesn’t have to be hard work.

Let Leonard work its automation magic and put you in the right social circles.

Grab lifetime access to the Leonard Business Plan with one code or get lifetime access to the Enterprise Plan with two codes.