Lifetime Access to Knowlocker for $49.00 (Aug 2018)


Have a central location for all of your workplace knowledge

All contributions are searchable, shareable, and usable

Quickly turn docs and posts from integrations into actionable articles

Automatically search the internet for articles using the keywords you set with the “Seek” feature

Knowlocker is a platform that brings all of its users’ knowledge into one location to easily be shared with others.

Think of Knowlocker as a Facebook feed that has information that actually matters to you, minus the political rants from your opinionated uncle.

Everyone in your organization will be able to showcase (or show off) what they know.

Knowlocker makes every article, text, and video your team contributes searchableshareableand usable.

Now it’s easier than ever to share relevant content with stakeholders, from the C-Suite of a company, all the way through to prospects.

Onboarding staff, reducing customer churn, you name it! What was once time-consuming and hit-or-miss is now simple and straightforward.

Lifetime Access to Knowlocker

Adding files to Knowlocker is as easy as syncing apps and clicking your mouse.

You can quickly turn files from DropboxGoogle DriveGmailSlackWordExcel, and social media into actionable articles. (Soon, Knowlocker will even be smart enough to suggest which emails and Slack messages you should turn into articles!)

But don’t worry about being distracted by noise and memes because you can filter out accounts and keywords you don’t find helpful.

There’s also an awesome feature called “Seek” that searches the web every day for information on the keywords you set. When it finds relevant material, you can easily import, adding to your existing knowledge base.

You’ll also have the ability to buy access to valuable expertise within the Knowlocker Marketplace. (You can sell your knowledge, too!)

Lifetime Access to Knowlocker

Knowlocker is helping companies plug knowledge gaps with the Knowlocker Pro Plan.

And because they know Sumo-lings will love this plan, they’re giving you access to:

    • 3 users per code (each user can create and add content)
    • 1TB storage per user (3TB total)
    • Unlimited users that can receive and view content
    • Create ‘Seek’ alerts to build knowledge
    • Filtered social feed integrations
    • Smart ‘knowledge feed’ of content
    • Fully granular sharing options
    • Unlimited 3rd party platform integrations
    • Sequential sharing of knowledge
    • Recordable video meetings platform
    • ‘Expert’ level profile promotion (be seen as an ‘expert’ in search results, etc.)
    • Sell knowledge in Marketplace
    • No ads
    • Copy and paste URLs

Normally, you’d be paying $150 a year to have 3 users on the Pro Plan.

But while we are lucky enough to have this deal in our store, you can get lifetime access for just $49!

Aggregate all of your knowledge now!

Lifetime Access to Knowlocker

Yes, there are other tools you can use, but let’s take a look at some reasons why you should be using Knowlocker.

First off, Knowlocker makes sure that you can share knowledge inside and outside of your organization.

Using the unique knowledge management space, you’ll able to share customer-knowledge with your audience and increase sales (people will understand what they’re buying) and reduce churn (they’ll understand how to use it).

And, making your job/life easier is priority number one at Knowlocker, which is why they are a platform that will continue to add even more integrations, making this deal even sweeter with age!

Lifetime Access to Knowlocker

All day long you scroll through feeds — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

And we both know those feeds aren’t doing anything but stealing time away from productivity.

It’s time to start scrolling through a feed you won’t feel guilty looking at and one that will actually help you do your job.

Grab lifetime access to Knowlocker for just $49!

Grow, store, and share your knowledge now!