Lifetime Access to GDPR Tracker Plan for $49 (April 2018)

Every business legally needs this

Get on the right side of the law with the GDPR Tracker

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the protection of personal data on the internet has been a hot topic. (Maybe buying a few cows on Farmville wasn’t worth all of my personal data.)

In response to this, the EU is requiring all business to adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and become compliant by May 25th.

The GDPR states that if you hold and process personal information of clients, employees, or suppliers residing in the EU, you are legally obliged to protect that information, regardless of industry.

But don’t you worry, we’ve got everything you need to be GDPR compliant thanks to the GDPR Tracker.

The GDPR Tracker is an online tool that guides you step by step on how to document your data flows, internally and externally, so that you are GDPR compliant.

Serving as a single source of truth, the GDPR Tracker has every detail (like what you need and for how long) regarding the GDPR’s regulations. (You can close all of those open Google tabs now.)

The GDPR Tracker also has instructions on what security measures to put in place to ensure digital and physical data you hold is secure.

Lifetime Access to GDPR Tracker

This straightforward tool will split the entire GDPR into sections and make this whole process a little less overwhelming.

You’ll have ready-to-fill-in policies and templates such as Data Protection Policy, Data Retention Policy, Privacy Policy, and more.

The GDPR Tracker will also track your progress so you know where you stand and how much you have left before you are no longer running from the law.

When you’re finished, you can download everything as a PDF. (I plan on printing it out and taping it to all of my computers so the EU knows I mean business.)

Lifetime Access to GDPR Tracker

Normally, yearly access to the GDPR Tracker plan is $429, or £299 our stylish Europeans friends.

But we don’t want you ever going to jail, so we got you lifetime access.

This lifetime deal includes:

    • 1 domain


  • Up to 3 Users


    • Support from GDPR consultants via Closed Facebook Group


    • Ensure GDPR compliance with a comprehensive list of actions to complete


    • Policies and Templates


    • Downloadable PDF report


  • Future features

Sumo-lings, you can grab lifetime access to the GDPR Tracker Plan for just $49! (Support from GDPR consultants is normally worth $140+ per hour!)

Start using the GDPR Tracker now!

Lifetime Access to GDPR Tracker

You may be wondering, “Do I really need to this GDPR Tracker?”

The answer is yes.

If you you don’t use it to get GDPR compliant, you will be forced to spend valuable company dollars paying off huge fines.

And another reason you need this tool is because you can pay $49 once rather than paying lawyers hundreds of dollars per hour every time you need help. (Save the hiring of expensive lawyers for when you really need them.)

Lastly, the GDPR Tracker removes the stress and headaches from not knowing what to do and where to start.

Lifetime Access to GDPR Tracker

Much like paying taxes, becoming GDPR compliant is unavoidable.

So instead of stressing yourself out over what to do and where to start, grab lifetime access to the GDPR Tracker for just $49!

Get GDPR compliant now!

P.S. Buy multiple codes and stack them to manage multiple businesses from your dashboard.



Lifetime Access to all features & updates

1 domain (Stack codes to manage multiple domains)

GDPR Support via Closed Facebook Group

Up to 3 Users

Downloadable PDF report detailing your measures in place for GDPR Compliance

Policies and Templates included

Ensure GDPR compliance with a comprehensive list of actions to complete