Lifetime Access to Fleeq for $49 (Dec 2017)


All future updates on Business Plan

This deal is stackable – Purchase more and build another team or get more users, Video & GIF exports on your current team

Fleeq localization

Share fleeqs via a dedicated link and get real time notifications

Lead generation widget – configure a dedicated widget that helps gain leads by adding an email paywall

Newsletter ready – integrate to more than 15 common email marketing automation platforms

Full access to knowledge-base feature

6 video (MP4 format) exports per month and 12 GIF exports per month

Creator attribution

Add you Logo, brand colors and custom domain

Unlimited Fleeqs

3 users

Putting together a tutorial or explainer video can be quite the project.From hosting to integration, cameras, scripts, and voice-overs, to making sure your makeup looks flawless (just me?) – there are a ton of things to worry about.But now, thanks to Fleeq, tutorial and explainer videos can be created with ease.

Fleeq is an incredibly easy-to-use production and distribution platform for videos.

With Fleeq, users can create videos for guides, demos, promo videos, and much more.

Lifetime Access to Fleeq

This means you can make videos for almost every aspect of a business, including:

    • Helping customers troubleshoot problems
    • Closing sales deals with stunning visuals
    • Setting new employees up for success
    • Sharing content to drive traffic

Creating a video using Fleeq is caveman simple — just take screenshots, mark sections, and add descriptions.

Lifetime Access to Fleeq

And while they are easy to create, they’re also incredibly powerful.

Fleeq videos, or “fleeqs,” can track viewing history, usage, and feedback. They can also send real-time notifications.

Lifetime Access to Fleeq

And, these videos can be shared in a multitude of ways (dedicated page, GIF, embedded popups on your site, or MP4).

Ordinarily, access to the Fleeq Business Plan is $49/month.

The Business Plan comes with:

    • 3 Users
    • 50 live fleeqs – but for Sumo-lings, they’re unlimited!
    • Logo, favicon, & custom domain
    • Creator attribution
    • 6 video (MP4 format) exports per month and 12 GIF exports per month
  • Fleeq localization – one Fleeq that is connected to other languages!

Not only are you getting an infinite number of active fleeqs, but Sumo-lings, you can get lifetime access to this powerful video creation tools for just $49!

Click here to get your video creation on Fleeq!

Lifetime Access to Fleeq

Some of the other tools on the market focus their energy on specific purposes like education or support whereas Fleeq provides flexibility to do more.

Fleeq is allowing you to create an interactive video experience without all of the hard work that normally comes with it.

Fleeq also has certain functionalities that Sumo-lings will appreciate.

For example, CTAs at the end of videos to entice customers and newsletter integration.

Lifetime Access to Fleeq

Selling products via email just got a whole lot easier.
Whether you are in marketing, HR, sales, or customer service, Fleeq is giving you an opportunity to create videos that will help you do amazing things.

Think you’ll need more video and gif exports? Stack this deal and get as many as you need!

Lifetime Access to Fleeq

Fleeq will save you hours and headaches from trying to create tutorials and explainer videos half this good.

So, we strongly suggest you jump on this deal while you can.

Get lifetime access to the Fleeq Business Plan for just $49!