Lifetime Access to CloudApp for $39 (Jul 2018)


Create annotated screenshots, GIFs, and videos in seconds

Communicate and collaborate more effectively with clients and team members

Perfect for: developers documenting code changes and support teams walking customers through solutions

All screenshots and recordings are automatically synced to the cloud so you can document from anywhere

CloudApp is an easy-to-use screen recorder that creates screenshots, gifs, and videos so you can communicate effectively.

Walking someone through tasks or a product without any visual aids is downright painful.

CloudApp turns what would normally be a long and confusing email or phone call into a short and sweet visual explanation.

Through annotated screenshots, screen recordings, webcam videos, and gifs, CloudApp helps everyone get their point across with ease.

Your team will be able to share information in record time — developers can screenshot bugs or code changes, customer support can walk customers through problems with screen recordings, marketing can create eye-catching content gifs, and sales can webcam their way to closing deals.

Lifetime Access to CloudApp

Using CloudApp is ridiculously easy — simply click on the CloudApp icon or use the keyboard shortcuts like a pro.

After you take a screenshot, make a GIF, or record a video, you have the ability to annotate and markup your creation for added clarity.

All of your works of art are stored in a secure and searchable cloud, so you never have to worry about taking up precious real estate in your hard drive.

Each creation comes with a private link that can be shared as many times as needed. (Links can be password protected.)

Lifetime Access to CloudApp

CloudApp is currently offering the world their Team Plan for $216 a year.

The Team Plan includes:

    • 2 users
    • Unlimited screenshots and screen recordings
    • 1 minute GIF captures
    • 4GB/day bandwidth
    • 4 TB of storage (Bonus! 2 extra TB with this deal!)
    • Password protected content
  • Secure sharing through your company’s CloudApp organization.

Now if you were to ask the AppSumo team if we think CloudApp is worth the $216 a year, you’d get a resounding “heck yeah!” We use it every day!

But lucky for you, this no-brainer at $216 a year, is available to you for life at just $39!

And with this deal, you get 4 TB of storage instead of the 2 TB normally included in Team Plan!

Start improving communication now!

Last year, Sumo-lings were on this CloudApp deal like ground beef (or tofu for our vegetarian friends) on tacos:

Lifetime Access to CloudApp

Lifetime Access to CloudApp

We know, we know. You’re already a professional screenshotter, so why should you use CloudApp?

Well, currently, you can’t have your screenshots or video recordings be automatically synced to the cloud, or copied to your clipboard, or searchable by captured text!

You also don’t have an annotation feature loaded with options like blurspotlightemojis, and more.

And, lastly, you can’t access analytics like where people are viewing your content, the referring domain, and the number of downloads. (This analytics platform is in beta.)

Lifetime Access to CloudApp

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We live in a modern world. One where technology allows us to work from anywhere (even from an office if you’re into that sort of thing).

And with collaboration being more vital than ever, you need a way to communicate quickly and clearly.

CloudApp is the answer.

Bridge the communication gap for just $39!

Start using CloudApp now!