Lifetime Access to Botletter for $49 (May 2018)

Automate your marketing

When email open rates are low, what do you do?

You try more compelling headlines, sending at different times, segmenting lists, and sending from your grandma’s email. (Yes, nanaknits46@yahoo is me.)

But what if instead of dedicating hours to changes that only slightly increase opens, you could do something that has an open rate of 80%?

Now you can with this simple outreach solution from Botletter.

Botletter allows you to easily send updates and drip campaigns on Facebook Messenger to an unlimited number of people.

Lifetime Access to Botletter

Botletter is like an email marketing service but better.

On a good day, 20% of customers are opening emails from an email marketing service, whereas 80% of customers are opening Botletter messages and click-through-rate is 4 to 10 times higher.

Just like dancing, all you need to setup Botletter is a two-step: pick a Facebook Page and configure the opt-in message. (Botletter works with any Facebook Page you administrate.)

Botletter lets you automate your marketing with drip campaigns so that you can increase retention and activation rates. (Send campaigns right away or schedule them for later.)

Lifetime Access to Botletter

Botletter gives you the freedom to choose from a variety of formats for your newsletter. Your newsletter can be a short and to the point text message or it can have buttons and rich cards.

The customization doesn’t end there.

You can filter subscriber list by gender, timezone, location, date of subscription and segment. (Botletter makes it even easier to segment people by providing you with a special link.)

In addition, you can personalize campaigns by using name variables.

And, to give you insight on how your campaigns are doing, Botletter provides detailed analytics such as open rates, click-through-rates, and absolute number of opens and clicks.

Lifetime Access to Botletter

Every once in awhile, I have to do a double-take when I find out how good of a deal we got Sumo-lings.

This was one of those times.

With the Botletter Pro Plan, users get:

    • Up to 50,000 messages/month (campaign & sequence messages are only counted as “messages,” not automatic opt-in messages)


    • Unlimited number of Facebook pages


    • Unlimited number of team members


    • The ability to remove the Botletter sponsored button in the Messenger menu


    • Priority support


Ordinarily, the Pro Plan costs $821 a year.

However, Sumo-lings can get lifetime access for just $49!

And if you want more than 50,000 messages/month, just stack another code!  You can stack as many codes as you want!

Regardless if you’re a blogger, agency, designer, consultant, or freelancer, this is the most effective way to get your messages opened and read and to engage with an audience.

Starting drip campaigning your way to success now!

Lifetime Access to Botletter

While other tools try to overcompensate by offering a broad range of use cases, Botletter focuses on being the easiest solution to send newsletters and drip campaigns.

Something else the competition doesn’t have: The ability to broadcast the opt-in to anyone who has an open conversation with your page, which then allows you to get hundreds/thousands of subscribers without any hassle!

The differences don’t/won’t end there, though. Take a look at what’s coming up: Botletter Roadmap.

You’ll never have to think about how to design a bot, only what content you want to send.

Lifetime Access to Botletter

Botletter is giving you a new channel to boost acquisition, promote content, push updates, and send invitations.

So quit wasting all of your time focusing on email open rates and use a tool that’s proven to increase engagement.

Get lifetime access to Botletter for just $49!

Click here to boost outreach engagement now!

P.S. For you Sumo-lings who bought our PixelMe deal, get excited. PixelMe integrates with Botletter so you can retarget everyone who clicks on the links you send in Messenger!