Lifetime Access to Better Proposals’ AppSumo Plan for $39 (June 2017)

Close more clients, faster

Secure more business with these beautiful web-based proposals

Sumolings, what’s your business proposal process looking like right now?

Let me guess…

Hours of formatting a generic proposal on Word, saving it as a PDF, mailing it to a client, and then waiting for them to sign it and mail it back?

No, no, no.

There is a much more efficient way to get your business proposals done.

Introducing Better Proposals.

Better Proposals is online software that lets creatives and service businesses create web-based proposals.

Ever wonder what the team here at AppSumo uses to close all these killer deals we send you?

You betcha we use Better Proposals 🙂

Get Lifetime Access to Better Proposals

We used to think our old method was just fine – until we gave Better Proposals a try.

With Better Proposals, we started closing deals faster, more efficiently, and most importantly our closing rate spiked (the increase in amazing deals we’ve brought y’all is the proof in the taco).

This one-stop solution allows you to create proposals, send them to your clients, and have them signed so you can get paid.

You’ll love these features Better Proposals offers:

    • Customize and brand proposals. This includes adding your company colors, logo, fonts, and domain. (Preview any edits as you make them.)
    • Templates. Save yourself hours by using one of Better Proposals’ templates. Templates are reusable, just hit “save as.” (Better Proposals doesn’t have a template for your industry? Simply copy and paste what you’re currently using into Better Proposals.)
    • Embed videos. Videos attract more attention than text, so go ahead and embed your videos from YouTube, Wistia, or Vimeo. (We know you’re itching to use videos to spice up your proposals.)
    • Instant notifications. You’ll be notified anytime there’s some sort of interaction with your proposal. Receive a notification when it is opened, forwarded, printed, or signed.
    • In-depth analytics. Put on your spying glasses and see exactly how many seconds each page of your proposal has been read for and in what order.
  • Plus more!

Get Lifetime Access to Better Proposals

Get Lifetime Access to Better Proposals

Get Lifetime Access to Better Proposals

Staying up-to-date with the proposal process has never been this simple.
Traditionally, access to Better Proposals’ Starter Plan will run you $228 per year. A small price to pay if it helps you close even one extra client per year.

And with the Starter Plan, you can send 5 proposals per month, have unlimited domains, and also have live chat integration.

But, AppSumo thinks you’ll need to send more than 5 proposals per month.

So we did some sweet talking.

Sumolings, Better Proposals upped the number of proposals you can send each month with its Starter Plan from 5 to 30!

(This plan is valued at $348/yr)


You can get lifetime access for only $39!

Click here to start closing more deals with Better Proposals!

Get Lifetime Access to Better Proposals

Get Lifetime Access to Better Proposals

Better Proposals will allow CRM integration with Salesflare and invoicing app Billy, AppSumo deals coming next week 😉
But what about the other options out there?

While there are some options out there, we are going to tell you why this deal is much better.

For starters, because of poor editors, the other proposals don’t look nearly as good as the ones you can create with Better Proposals.

Secondly, the other guys want to bombard your clients with their badge all over your proposals. (With this deal, the only brand on your proposals will be your brand.)

Next, you’ve probably been using the free alternatives such as Word and Pages.

But, the amount of time you waste on these platforms trying to format proposals is just not worth it.

Lastly, these proposals you’ll create are perfect on any device.

Get Lifetime Access to Better Proposals

Get Lifetime Access to Better Proposals

A digital signature is the only thing standing in between you and a giant payday.
There’s no denying that business proposals play a vital role in your business. (They are literally what people look at before they agree to pay you.)

Do yourself a favor and make sure that your proposals are always quick, clean, and beautiful.

With this deal, you’ll get access to all future updates and integrations included in the AppSumo deal’s features.

Codes for this deal will fly, so grab yours now!

Click here for lifetime access to Better Proposals for just $39!