Lifetime Access to Adsoup for $49 (Jul 2018)


Send all web and social messages into one inbox

Bring conversations directly into your sales CRM and business reporting

Track the sales of each channel and forecast revenue

Manage takes, share leads with team members, add notes, store documents, and much more

Adsoup is a powerful sales relationship management tool that brings all of your FB Messenger, Whatsapp, Line, email, Live Chat, and Twitter conversations directly into your sales CRM and business reporting.

Adsoup makes sure you never miss another message or potential lead by automatically funneling everything into your dashboard (even Facebook leads!) and alerting you with notifications in your dashboarddesktop, or phone. (Adsoup isn’t a green bubble discriminator, it even has an Android app!)

On top bringing all of your messages into one platform, you can turn each conversation with a customer/client on multiple channels into one threaded conversation.

Changing which platform you use to respond just takes one click of your mouse!

Lifetime Access to Adsoup

But Adsoup knows merely bringing all of your messages into one place isn’t all it takes to be a master of sales relationships.

This is why Adsoup also allows you to manage tasksrecord customer details like email and phone number, share documentsadd notes, and “star” messages for quick access.

You can also track customer calls on your mobile phone. Adsoup records call time, duration, and prompts you at the end of the call to add a note to the customer card. (No more extra work or forgetting to log calls).

And since you’re not always fighting the good fight alone, Adsoup makes collaboration easy by giving multiple team members the ability to communicate with a client in a threaded chat.

Lifetime Access to Adsoup

Once you’ve incorporated all of your lines of communication, you can work on your pipeline process and where you (or team members) will place potential customers/clients. You’ll have options like qualified leads, proposal presented, negotiations, and closing.

You can move chats throughout the pipelinetrack the value of chats as well as channels (learn what channel has the best ROI), forecast revenue (supports most currencies), and see how many lost or unqualified chats you have.

And when it comes to FB ads, you’ll finally know how they’re performing in regards to ROI.

In one page, you’ll have a complete overview of sales pipeline and revenue generated.

Lifetime Access to Adsoup

Our friends over at Adsoup offer three different plans.

And guess which one we got you a deal on? That’s right, the best one: The Pro Plan!

Inside of the Adsoup Pro Plan, you get:

    • All platforms
    • Unlimited Facebook pages
    • Unlimited Sites live chat
    • 5 staff members
    • Help content, articles and videos
    • All future upgrades to the Pro plan

You can normally use the The Pro Plan and its services for $300 a year.

But, when it comes to Sumo-lings, Adsoup is the exact opposite of the Seinfield’s soup-nazi.

Adsoup loves Sumo-lings so much that they are offering lifetime access for just $49! (That’s a lot of soup for you!)

Adsoup is also letting Sumo-lings stack this deal. Each time you stack, you can choose between 10GB of storage OR 5 users (maximum of 100GB and 15 users) — simply let Adsoup’s support team to let them know which one you are choosing and they’ll manually add the awesomeness.

Lifetime Access to Adsoup

Get your superhero sales inbox now!

Lifetime Access to Adsoup

The beauty of Adsoup is you could use one tool to do what you would normally do with multiple.

The old way you’re used to means potentially losing leads from forgetting to copy and paste them from their origin into your CRM. But not with Adsoup because leads never leave your sight.

And those other tools that let you focus solely on communication don’t give you an option to convert conversations into sales. The only way around it is complicated Zapier integrations, or worse: paying full price for expensive platforms.

As a cherry on top, Adsoup’s customer service is phenomenal. They have 24/7 in app customer service, sms support, and even a personalized welcome message when you join.

Lifetime Access to Adsoup

The creators of Adsoup come from a sales and agency background. They get it.

They know customers and clients are impatient and want all their questions answered immediately (even if they’re asking them on a ton of different platforms).

Adsoup is the only way you can be everywhere your customers are, get them answers that will move them into a pipeline and also, track your advertising spend, beyond the first click or contact.

Get lifetime access to Adsoup for just $49 now!

P.S. Want to see Adsoup in action? Check out an exclusive webinar on July 24th, 2018 at 11:00 AM CDT. To register, sign up here.