Lifetime Access to adOptimizer for $49 (May 2018)

Ads that won’t cost you an arm and a leg

The most expensive things in your life are rent, soul-searching trips to Bali, and ads.

While there’s no way around shelling out big bucks for those first two, there is a way to make ads more effective.

We’ve discovered a tool that is using A.I. to transform the way you do ads.

That magical tool is adOptimizer.

adOptimizer creates ad variations and then uses A.I. to determine which ad is best for your targeted audience.


You start by providing adOptimizer with 5 creatives and your target audience.

From those 5 creatives, adOptimizer will create several ad variations in just seconds!

Using the data from those ad variations, adOptimizer’s A.I. algorithms will select the best ads for your targeted audience.

Lifetime Access to AdOptimizer

adOptimizer eliminates the unavoidable guesswork that comes with setting up an ad.

Let’s take Facebook for example.

Without historical information, you will not know how to define the parameters when setting up a Facebook ad.

However, adOptimizer is able to select the best performing placements, audiences, creatives, and copy based on real-time data from Facebook and Google’s API — all of this translates into the best ROI.

Lifetime Access to AdOptimizer

After the variations are tested, another algorithm will continue optimizing the best selected ads until only the best one remains. This optimization continues for the whole length of the campaign. (This is how adOptimizer is able to reduce client costs by at least 20%!)

adOptimizer’s algorithm will continue changing ads if needed to make sure that the best performing ad is the one that’s active.

adOptimizer is running hundreds of tests all day long to make sure your campaign is the best it can be.

Lifetime Access to AdOptimizer

Currently, companies are using the adOptimizer Business on Wheels Plan to save 20% to 50% on digital and social ad spend.

The Business on Wheels Plan is valued at $1,680 a year and includes:

    • The ability to link your Facebook, Google Adwords, Google Display, and Instagram ad accounts


    • Unlimited campaigns


    • All trackable goals


    • Up to $5,000 a month in ad spend


    • Use your own Ad Accounts


    • Online support


    • AI automatic optimization


    • Report builder


    • Access to training


I know you’re already shaking your head like “there’s no way AppSumo convinced adOptimizer to agree to a lifetime deal.”

But, Sumo-lings, that is exactly what we did!

You can grab lifetime access to adOptimizer for just $49!

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Start optimizing your ads now!

Please note: There is a $300 minimum spend needed for the machine learning algorithms to optimize.

Lifetime Access to AdOptimizer

Lifetime Access to AdOptimizer

adOptimizer’s algorithm tests are going to be cranking out tons insightful data on your ads and campaigns.

These real-time analytics will be easy-to-understand and accessible on every device. (Check data at your desk, in the shower, behind someone’s back as you give them a hug, whenever.)

You’ll know you’re making the right decisions with adOptimizer’s data.

Lifetime Access to AdOptimizer

We both know your ROAS is not where it needs to be.

But AppSumo isn’t here to shame you, we’re here to help you.

So instead of spending money on tools that only tackle one channel, get lifetime access to the most powerful, multi-channel A.I. marketing tool for just $49!

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