Lifetime Access to 24sessions Plan for $69 (April 2018)

Schedule, video chat, and collect feedback all-in-1 with 24sessions

Video chat is one of the easiest ways to connect with your customers.

But if the connection is poor or they can barely see you, the experience will be more frustrating than enjoyable.

And don’t get me started on the endless back and forth mailing to schedule the session in the first place!

Fortunately, 24sessions is here to save the day!

24sessions provides everything you need to schedule and meet your customers through video chat.

Many big enterprises, including some of the world’s largest banks, energy companies, and software companies, are already using this powerful solution.

These companies are using 24sessions to give software demos, personal advice, coaching sessions, and even to do job interviews.

Customers can schedule meetings instantly through simple-to-use 24sessions booking forms. (Goodbye, confusing tools and back-and-forth emails.)

These customizable booking forms will automatically route visitors to the right people.

Get rid of burdensome and time-consuming manual meeting invites!

24sessions syncs your appointments into Office365, Outlook, or Google calendars.

And because 24sessions values your time as much as you do, it will also remind you and your clients when a session is about to start, as well as how to to join the chat. (Let’s leave the no-shows to our dating life, amirite?)

By simply using a code given after booking, customers can enter a highly reliable video chat without needing to download any software.

Video chats can be branded with your company logo and colors and can be accessed on mobile (Android and iOS) by customers.

You can also share your screen and files as well as record the chat for training purposes.

Today, we’ve got an awesome 24sessions plan in our store.

The 24sessions Standard Plan is valued at $360 a year and includes:

    • Unlimited video chat meetings for life


    • Add your own branding (logo and colors)


    • Document and screen sharing


    • Instant post-meeting reviews


    • Meeting recordings (store up up to 2GB for free)


    • Automatic meeting confirmations and reminders


    • Calendar integration (Office 365, Outlook, Google Calendar, etc.)


    • Smart booking and live now forms


    • Zapier integrations for applications like Slack, Salesforce, or Hubspot (coming soon)


    • 25% discount on all future users for life!


Because of hosting fees and how amazing this tool really is, getting an incredible deal on this plan wasn’t easy.

But we did it!

Sumo-lings, you can grab lifetime access to 24sessions for just $69!

In this package, you can already add your own branding on the booking forms, video chat room, and on the review page.

However, if you want to remove the subtle “Powered by 24sessions” branding as well, you can do so with an additional one-time fee of just $99!

Connect with customers now!

24sessions isn’t just a booking and video chat tool; it’s also a feedback generator.

Inside of the analytics dashboard, you’ll get insights in effectiveness and quality.

And with recordings and these important insights, you can improve demos and service.

You can also customize the feedback page to redirect customers to sign-up pages.

Giving customers the personal attention they need shouldn’t be a hassle for you or the customer.

24sessions turns demos and chats into a simple, automated process to minimize drop offs and increase customer satisfaction.

Get everything you need to meet your customers face-to-face faster, for just $69.

Start booking video chats now!



Lifetime Unlimited video-chat meetings

Live now forms (connect instantly)

Automatic meeting confirmations & reminders

User & group management

Calendar integration (Google, Outlook, Office 365)

25% discount on all future users for life!

Reports & dashboard

Zapier integration (coming soon)

Smart booking forms (get bookings!)

Record your meetings for free

Instant post-meeting reviews

Add your own branding (logo+colors)

Includes document and screen sharing

Works on web and mobile

No downloads or installations

Store up to 2GB of recordings free