Lifetime Access to Tars Premium Deal for $79 (2017)

You and your customers still not United?

Last chance to grab these chatbots before we yank this deal


Just last week we introduced Sumo-lings to Tars and their spectacular chatbots.

And it wasn’t long before ya’ll were pouncing on ’em like crazy:

Get Lifetime Access to Tars

Get Lifetime Access to Tars

Sumo-lings are stoked about Tars revolutionizing the way we interact with our customers!
Now, with Tars chatbots, our customers are engaged and actually completing the forms we create. (It’s a miracle!)

Tars has all but eliminated the need to use boring, unresponsive, webforms.

You don’t need to be a programmer to use them! (Phew!)

And Tars has been rolling out new features quickly! Since the launch of this deal they have added:

    • Widgets – You can now open your chatbots on your web page as a chat widget/pop-up
  • Widget Auto-open – This feature allows you to open/pop-up the bot window automatically after the page loads. You can set the number of seconds after which you’d like the bot widget to open.

Get Lifetime Access to Tars

So in case you missed the specifics of this deal, the Standard Deal includes:

    • Unlimited Responses
    • Use on Unlimited Domains!
    • Real-time email notifications anytime a response is received
    • A dashboard that displays data and reporting
    • The ability to download all responses into a CSV
  • Customizable user experience through logical branching and redirection

Get Lifetime Access to Tars

On a normal day, you’d be paying $588/year for all this Tars goodness. Not bad for a robot task-force working 24/7.

But, for these last few hours, you can get lifetime access for just $39!

Get your lifetime access to Tars’ Standard Deal for only $39 here!

Looking for a little bit more power?

Upgrading to the Premium Deal will get you everything in the Standard Deal PLUS:

    • 5GB worth of file/image uploads
    • Upload the chatbot html to your own domain and use that instead of the hellotars domain
    • API Integration
  • Includes Tars branding

Normally, the Tars Premium Deal would cost you over $1,548/year.

But, again, for these last few hours, you can get lifetime access to these Premium Deal features for only $79! And yes, there’s branding but this is lifetime access! For a 24 hour robot army!

Just $79 for all that?! I don’t know what Tars’ is thinking, but as my dad always used to say, “don’t bite the hand that gives you chatbots for life!”

Grab lifetime access to Tars’ Premium Deal for just $79!

P.S. The clock is ticking and this lifetime deal will be gone faster than Hilary Duff’s music career. Grab your code now!