Lifetime Access to Spark Chart for $49 (Oct 2017)

The feedback you need to hear

Build engaging surveys, analyze data, and share reports with Spark Chart

One of the fastest ways to make a product people want is to get critical feedback.

But most of us fall into one of two camps:

We’re either not collecting the feedback we need to make changes to our business. Or, we’re not using the feedback to properly build out our product roadmap.

Luckily Spark Chart has the survey and analytics tools to solve this for you.

Lifetime Access to Spark Chart

Spark Chart helps you build and design beautiful surveys, analyze results, and share reports.

With Spark Chart, building any type of survey is quick and easy. (You can build surveys for website feedback, event evaluation, project review, employee exit, taco satisfaction, and many more.)

Stuck on where to start?

Spark Chart provides ready-to-go survey and email templates that you can edit to your liking or use as-is.

When it comes to editing these surveys, you’ll love the fact that Spark Chart allows you to add your own branding.

We’re talking the free range to edit logos, colors, and headers/footers. (Heck, even the messages and instructions.)

Lifetime Access to Spark Chart

Spark Chart makes sure you start off on the right foot.
Building these amazing surveys is only half of the fun.

What’s the other half, you ask?

Getting results and sharing them via presentations. (I guess one can argue that building the surveys is only one third of the fun.)

Obtaining results is easy because surveys can be deployed so quickly. Send surveys in an email, post them on a website, or share them on social media.

Make it rain tacos. (Seriously though, this deal comes with no branding.)

Lifetime Access to Spark Chart

After these feedback generating machines have reached the public, you’ll be able to instantly track their progress.

Using Spark Chart to analyze and filter results is simple. (No need for expert consultants here.)

Once you have your desired results, you can create stunning reportsfrom a wide array of layouts and colors.

Reports can also be be shared with one click! (No more exporting!)

Lifetime Access to Spark Chart

Ordinarily, a Spark Chart account would cost you over $300 per year.

However, do Sumolings have to pay over $300 to obtain a Spark Chart account?

Survey says… (puns will be my downfall)

Not a chance!

Today, Sumolings can secure lifetime access to a Spark Chart account for just $49!

That’s $49 for:

    • Unlimited projects
    • Unlimited users
    • Unlimited questions
    • Unlimited responses
  • Future features and integrations

Click here for lifetime access to Spark Chart!

Lifetime Access to Spark Chart

What sets Spark Chart apart from the competition?

For starters, Spark Chart is cheaper than its biggest competitors. (Even without this killer deal.)

Also, Sumolings will never see Spark Chart charging for add-ons or upgrades like the other guys.

Spark Chart also understands what clients need.

For example, Spark Chart knows that looks always matter (despite what my mom tells me).

Because of this, Spark Chart is dedicated to providing their clients with all the tools they need to not only build attractive surveys, but good-looking presentations as well.

In addition, they employ many features that simply make life easier i.e. duplicating functionality (one click copying of templates, reports, and presentations) and multiple dashboards for multiple audiences.

Lifetime Access to Spark Chart

Face it, if you were to dream up the ideal survey tool and software, Spark Chart would be the result.

This thing really does everything!

Sumolings, you have the chance to use your dream survey tool and software for life… for only $49!

What are you waiting for? This deal will sell out!

Begin getting the feedback you want and need. (Maybe even send your Tinder dates a survey.)

Start using Spark Chart now!

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