Lifetime Access to Slidebean for $39 (Feb 2018)

Keep your audience engaged

Slidebean’s templates, pitch decks, and visuals make creating presentations easy

Two things you probably never thought you’d still be doing after you graduated:

    1. Eating Taco Bell at 2 AM
    2. Struggling to create PowerPoints

While you’ve mastered the art of inhaling late-night tacos, you’re still spending hours creating presentations and–let’s be real–they’re barely cutting it.

But, here to take your presentation skills from zero to hero is Slidebean.

Slidebean is what you use when you want to create beautiful presentations in minutes, not hours.

Slidebean’s professionally curated templates make sure you never have to start your slides from scratch.

On top of these templates saving you tons of time, they captivate and impress your audience. (“Oh, wow. This presenter has their ish together.”)

Explore and experiment with hundreds of design combinations.

There are a bunch of presentation templates for things like client proposals, investor updates, remote team meetings, and “Why I Should Have More Than One Guy’s Night Per Year, Honey.”

But Slidebean ain’t just templates.

Inside of Slidebean, you’ll also find professional photosiconsgifsand charts. All of which can be dragged and dropped until your slides look world-class.

With every presentation, Slidebean will automatically unleash its smart design to ensure slides look unified and perfect.

Slidebean allows you to focus on the content while it focuses on the design.

Lifetime Access to Slidebean

Your Slidebean presentation will look terrific on any device.
Now some of you might remember our Slidebean deal from last year. (You know, the one with lifetime access to the Slidebean Premium Plan for $39.)

And you probably think there’s no way we could do it again.

Well, you’re wrong because we did.

But not only did we bring it back, but we also made it better!

This Slidebean Premium Plan includes:

    • Unlimited presentations
    • 3 team members (Added specifically for Sumo-lings!)
    • Watermark-free slides
    • Custom palettes and fonts
    • Custom branding
    • Presentation insights
    • HTML5/PDF export (slide animations will not be available if exported)

This amped up version of their premium plan is valued at over $250 per year.

However, you can have lifetime access to the SlideBean Premium Plan for just $39!

Start creating presentations like a pro!

These Sumo-lings were fortunate enough to grab this deal before it sold out last year:

Lifetime Access to Slidebean

Lifetime Access to Slidebean

Adding to Slidebean’s awesomeness is its ability to track presentation activity.

You’ll have valuable info like who viewed your presentationhow many many times they viewed it, and how long they spent on each slide.

This actionable data will allow you to engage with your audience.

For example, if you sent a pitch over to a VC and you notice they spent a good amount on your roadmap slide, reach out to them and go more in-depth on your plans, so they know they’re making a solid investment.

With templates, photos, icons, charts, and gifs, Slidebean is giving you everything you need to rock a presentation.

So quit spending hours creating lackluster PowerPoints.

Get lifetime access to Slidebean for just $39 now!