Lifetime Access to MalCare Security Business Plan for $49 (March 2018)

Don’t be a fool, protect your tool

Detect and remove malware instantly with MalCare

Websites are like humans: when they get a virus, their ability to function drops dramatically and their need for a mother’s embrace increases.

So we try to protect our sites—and our clients’ sites—by using antivirus software.

However, with so many different kinds of viruses, adware, and spam created daily, it’s almost impossible to stop them all. (Malware is like mosquitoes at a bbq.)

This is where MalCare comes in and flexes its malware removal muscle.

MalCare is a one of a kind WordPress security plugin that keeps sites safe 24/7 by recognizing and removing malicious malware.

Using over 100 signals and an automatic scanner, MalCare instantly and accurately alerts you of any malware—even the most complicated and under-the-radar malware—and stops data breaches and virus spreading.

MalCare protects the database where this information is stored. (An SSL certificate will not do this.)

Lifetime Access to MalCare

Lifetime Access to MalCare

MalCare’s one-click cleaner ensures you no longer need to wait endlessly for technical help to clean a WordPress site.

With clean sites, your clients will never be blacklisted by Google or blocked by web hosts.

Scan websites from your dashboard whenever you want!

In today’s deal, we’ve got our hands on one of MalCare’s most popular plans—the Business Plan.

This plan includes:

    • Secure up to 5 sites
    • Daily Automatic & On-Demand Scans
    • One Click Auto Clean-ups
    • Login Protection
    • Hardening Security & Website Firewall
    • Client reports (Coming soon)

Usually, the Business Plan is $259 a year.

However, Sumo-lings, you can protect your and your clients’ sites for much less than that.

Right now, you can get lifetime access for just $49!

You can also stack up to 3 codes per email/ account! (That’s up to 15 sites being protected.)

Click here to safeguard your sites!

Lifetime Access to MalCare

Lifetime Access to MalCare

Unlike other scanners, MalCare’s scanner is ultra lightweight and will never overload or slow down websites. (Not so fun fact: A site loses 40% visitors for every 3 seconds delay in page load.)

Lifetime Access to MalCare

Because of its 100+ signals, you’ll only be alerted when legitimate malware is detected and never for ‘possible hacks.’ (No one likes the boy who cried wolf.)

Lifetime Access to MalCare

WordPress plugins and themes can be dangerous if unmonitored. (They account for most of the WordPress hacks.)

With MalCare, you won’t have to pay every time you want to scan or clean a page or pay the hefty price tag that comes with protecting multiple sites.

Instead, all of you agencies and developers can spend just $49 and protect your clients for life.

It’s a great way to add value for your clients and make a little extra cash for keeping their WP site safe.

Shield your clients’ sites with MalCare now!