Lifetime Access to Linklay for $39 (Oct 2017)

One picture is worth a thousand sales

Increase revenue by creating shoppable images with Linklay

We all know that it’s easier to make sales if we aren’t making customers jump through unnecessary hoops, like, say, scouring your site for something you posted in a blog post.

The goal is to make buying products so quick and simple that customers only notice what they’ve done when their credit card statement arrives.

Luckily for Sumolings, Linklay expedites the purchasing process with shoppable images.

Shoppable images take customers from picture, to checkout, faster than they can say, “I want to go to there.”

Linklay is a visual commerce tool that allows you to create shoppable images through clever image mapping technology.

These shoppable images are created through an easy-to-use interface. (I created one in seconds!)

And embedding images is a piece of cake. All you have to do is copy unique snippets of code (iframes) and paste them where you want the shoppable image to appear. That’s it!

Because more than 50% of internet browsing happens on those little rectangular things, Linklay’s shoppable images are mobile responsive. Meaning, your images will be effective on any platform.

With Linklay, customers are getting instant access to product details so that you can “strike while the iron is hot.”

Linklay is the link between editorial content and advertising.

Check out this shoppable image below.

customising click points
Style your hotspots to match your branding.
Ordinarily, Linklay’s Plus Plan cost $204 per year.

In their Plus Plan, you’ll find:

    • Unlimited, unbranded images (Linklay knows this is the way to your heart, Sumolings)
    • Google Analytics integration (Keep up with who is clicking and what they’re clicking on)
    • Amazon Cloud Services backup (This proactive backup plan ensures your images are always displayed)
    • Pinterest-friendly images
    • Compatible with Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce & most popular CMS platforms
    • Affiliate link disclosure option (Keep the FTC happy when using affiliate links)
    • Nofollow link option (This lets search engines know that it doesn’t count in the link’s target ranking in the search engine’s index for sponsored content)
  • In-app analytics

This plan is normally for one domain.

However, Linklay is determined to impress you Sumolings.

That’s why they have added another domain to the plan! (So really, with two domains, this plan is worth $408 per year!)

That’s right: you can get lifetime access to Linklay’s Plus Plan for two domains for just $39!

This deal will pay for itself with your first image!

Click here now to get lifetime access to Linklay!

For those of you who are considering using another tool to create shoppable images: it must be nice to be a millionaire.

I mean, only millionaires would be able to afford the outrageous amount of money that other companies charge for “fancy image recognition software.”

Another thing some of the other guys do is charge commission for affiliate earnings. (The other guys are always trying to get a piece of your pie.)

If you’re a blogger, with Linklay, you can link to any product without feeling obliged to only showcase products within a single affiliate network. Thus, giving your readers a more authentic version of you and your style. (People love when you keep it *100 emoji*)

And if you’ve thought about not using shoppable images and just letting customers go to your product page to find things themselves, well, shame on you.

Lifetime Access to Linklay

Whether you have an eCommerce business or are a blogger, Linklay’s ability to smooth out the purchasing process has proven to increase conversion results.

And because of its ability to increase revenue, this tool should in your arsenal.

Get lifetime access to Linklay’s Plus Plan for only $39!

P.S. Managing multiple websites? You can stack this deal up to 5 times 🙂