Lifetime Access to Lemlist Gold Plan for $49 (Feb 2018)

A picture is worth a thousand replies

Use personalized images to increase engagement with lemlist

[10 years ago] “Oh, look! An email from someone who wants to tell me about their business. How neat!”

[Today] *Stanley Hudson voice* “Boy, if you don’t stop sending me these generic mass emails…”

Cold emails used to make recipients feel special because they were uncommon.

Now, with everyone and their grandmother sending them, they’ve lost their appeal.

However, lemlist and their personalized emails are giving recipients those butterfly feelings again.

lemlist is the first email automation platform that allows you to automatically generate personalized images.

Adding personalized images to cold emails will drastically increase the reply rate and engagement of your outreach emails.

You can generate automatically personalized images including company logo, company name, employee’s name, etc.

This unique strategy is going to help you build better relationships with your email list, which will ultimately lead to more sales!

Lifetime Access to lemlist

lemlist provides all of the inspiration you need with the best selection of cold email templates for first emails, referrals, follow-ups, and sales.

Along with templates and custom pictures, lemlist makes following up simple.

Thanks to automated follow-ups, all you have to do is set the date and time and forget about it.

Lifetime Access to lemlist

Right now, lemlist’s most popular plan is the Gold Plan.

This cold email superstar comes with:

    • Unlimited Drip Campaigns
    • Unlimited Templates
    • Unlimited Tracking
    • Send 250 new emails per day
    • Up to 5 users
    • 25 Personalized Image Templates (Each template can be used as much as you want)
    • A/B Testing

The Gold Plan is usually $828 a year.

But, Sumo-lings, we have one heck of a treat for you today.

Today, you can get lifetime access for just $49, and you can stack as many codes as your little heart desires! (Stacking works like this: if you get three, you can send 750 new emails per day and create 75 personalized image templates)

Stop trying to clean your screen. Your eyes are not deceiving you.

Turn personalized emails into more sales here!

Lifetime Access to lemlist

Lemlist understands how challenging it is to not only make sales via email but to also make revenue predictions.

Because of this, lemlist tracks your email campaigns.

Equipped with info on opens, clicks, and replies, you’ll have a much easier time forecasting revenue along with knowing when to send emails and who to send them to.

Lifetime Access to lemlist

If you’re tired of taking the Hail Mary approach when it comes to cold emails, then lemlist is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Lemlist has pushed personalization to new limits so that startups, entrepreneurs, and freelancers can have much higher ROI on cold emails.

Lifetime access to the lemlist Gold Plan for just $49 is beyond a steal of a deal.

Start sending personalized emails now!