Lifetime Access to Leadworx AppSumo Plan for $49 (Feb 2018)

Uncover leads you didn’t know you had

Use Leadworx to find out which companies are visiting your site

Gathering leads can feel like a lost cause.

You’re buying data from multiple sources, running marketing campaigns, and passing out your mixtape outside of every Waffle House.

Basically, you’re doing a ton of work for people that may not even be ideal customers.

But, there is a way to target people and businesses that are actually interested in what you have to offer.

And that’s with Leadworx.

Leadworx uses website analytics to let you know who is visiting your site and how they are interacting with your pages.

With Leadworx, you can identify and track businesses who land on your site, even competitors (we see you, sneaky snakes).

You’ll gain access to important details on visiting companies such as industry, domain, employee size, and revenue.

And because you’re able to see potential customer’s site behavior, your sales team will be armed with the ammo they need to seal the deal. (This will also help with future marketing campaigns.)

All leads accumulated can be exported into Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Salesflare. (Zapier integration is right around the corner!)

Lifetime Access to Leadworx

Currently, most folks are using the Leadworx Startup Plan.

And even though this plan is great as is, we added a few things to make it better for Sumo-lings.

This special plan includes:

    • 400 unique companies per month
    • 100 contact credits total (a contact credit lets you see the contact information of a person at each company that visits your site)
    • Unlimited team members on your account
    • Daily/weekly summary emails
    • The ability to see all employees in the company in the Leadworx database and filter by their role/title

While this plan is worth more than $500 a year, you can get lifetime access for just $49!

And…you can stack as many deals as you want! (Please note: each deal is for one website. You can use deals separately or manage different websites/accounts from one dashboard.)

Start collecting valuable leads now!

Lifetime Access to Leadworx

Here’s where Leadworx and the competition differ: the competition asks you to connect with Google Analytics and they just filter out the results.

However, Leadworx doesn’t take the easy way out and uses its own database to provide information on tens of millions of companies.

This is how they are able to offer their services at a fraction of the price.

And our sweet talking skills are how you can get lifetime access for premium product for a fraction of a cost 😉

Lifetime Access to Leadworx

You spend a lot of time and energy driving businesses to your site.

But less than handful of them become customers.

Leadworx will show you the companies already on your site so that you can stop wasting resources.

Start connecting with the right people and increasing sales.

Get lifetime access to the Leadworx AppSumo Plan for just $49!

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