Lifetime Access to Keyword Hero Giant Plan for $49 (Feb 2018)

The hero we need, but don’t deserve

Discover the organic keywords fueling your revenue

Way back in 2011, we lost something very dear to our hearts.

No, I’m not talking about the McRib; I’m talking about organic keywords.

For some reason, Google felt the need to punish us by taking away the most important organic keyword information that helped SEOs all over the world.

Thankfully the Keyword Hero is fighting the good fight and bringing back our organic keywords.

Lifetime Access to Keyword Hero

The Keyword Hero shows you the exact keywords your customers have searched for directly in your Google Analytics account.

Using nine different sources of data, the Keyword hero will help you understand which specific keywords drive traffic to your site and what they do when they get there.

Lifetime Access to Keyword Hero

For the first time, you will know exactly which keywords triggered conversions and which keywords simply brought in window shoppers. (You’ll even be able to see how much money each keyword earns you!)

Lifetime Access to Keyword Hero

But you’re not just getting keywords, you’re getting valuable information about those keywords and users like cost-per-clicks, search volumes, and semantic clusters.

And, according to my stopwatch, getting the Keyword Hero up and running takes less than two minutes.

Just sign in with Google, connect Google Analytics and the Search Console with the Keyword Hero app, and the Keyword Hero will get to work.

Lifetime Access to Keyword Hero

At the moment, businesses are uncovering tons of organic keywords with the Keyword Hero Giant Hero Plan.

The Giant Hero Plan includes:

    • 1,000 most frequented URLs
    • Customers’ queries and all future keywords saved in your Google Analytics account
    • Up to 95% provided keywords
    • See CTR, position, and impressions for every single keyword your users used
    • Queries matched with all relevant metrics from your Google Analytics
    • Filter user searches by country, landing page, and more

Users are forking over $348 a year to use this plan.

But, Sumo-lings, with your superstar status, you can grab lifetime access for just $49!

Start seeing valuable organic keywords now!

Lifetime Access to Keyword Hero

Currently, there’s no one else uncovering this kind of organic keyword data in Google Analytics.


The Keyword Hero is also a certified Google Analytics Technology Partner, which is the deepest integration into the Google ecosystem.

Inside GA, you’ll have state of the art brand detection that will allow you to focus on generic terms and measure the impact of your brand.

Lifetime Access to Keyword Hero

Organic traffic keywords have the ability to make you a lot of money.

However, with Google holding them hostage, you ain’t getting your hands on them without the Keyword Hero.

So grab this deal and free your keywords now!

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