Lifetime Access to Google Analytics Course by Jeffalytics for $39 (Sept 2017)

Become a Google Analytics wizard

Master the art of Google Analytics in just 30 days and become certified

There are two types of entrepreneurs:

    1. Those who sit around brainstorming who their customers are while sipping frothy macchiatos
  1. Those who spend time actually finding out who their customers are by doing the real work

There’s no question that Google Analytics can give you the insights you need to be the badass entrepreneur you are (no froth here!)

But when you’re just getting started, there can be a learning curve if you don’t have someone walking you through it.

That’s why we listened to your repeated requests over the last year and brought back the Google Analytics Course by Jeffalytics.

Lifetime Access to Google Analytics Course

The Analytics Course by Jeffalytics will teach you everything you need to know about Google Analytics.

From understanding who your visitors are, to tracking results and turning data points into conversions, Jeff holds your hand and shows you how to do it all.

With this course, you’ll learn deep insights into how your business operates, how to better identify with your customers, and how to make the most out of your data.

If you’re a Google Analytics newbie (no shame), we promise you can’t find a better course to show you the ropes.

In just 30 days, you’ll fully understand how Google Analytics works ANDyou’ll be ready to pass the Google Analytics certification. (Print that sucker out to impress all of your co-workers… and your mom.)

Lifetime Access to Google Analytics Course

In case you were wondering how dedicated Jeff is to Google Analytics, this is the periodic table he created. The answer: very dedicated.
The Classic Wizard Plan comes with:

    • 33 HD videos teaching you how to master Google Analytics and start converting ASAP.
    • Access to other Google Analytics ninjas via a private Facebook group. Find out what’s working for them and maybe even share some memes in the process.
  • On-the-go access so you can learn anywhere, anytime.

Now, ordinarily, Jeffalytics sells this course for $497. (Not a bad deal, considering you’d have to pay a college kid way more to compile all your GA data and attempt to understand it.)

But for you lucky Sumolings, Jeffalytics is hooking you up with 90% off the regular price!

You read right: you can have lifetime access to his course for only $39!

Ready to be a bona-fide (and certified!) data master?

Get this Google Analytics Mastery course now!

Here, take a look at what these Sumolings said last time we offered this deal:

Lifetime Access to Google Analytics Course

Lifetime Access to Google Analytics Course

What sets this course apart from the others? Jeff.

Jeff, better known by his rap name, Jeffalytics, is a Google Analytics O.G.

In 2005, while you were bedazzling your MySpace page, Jeff was helping beta test Google Analytics.

Sure, he’s managed Google Analytics accounts for organizations of all sizes.

But what’s truly special about Jeff is his ability as a teacher. He’s able to take the data maze that is G.A. and make it accessible (we’d even go so far as to say fun.)

Here’s what your Jeffalytics experience looks like in 5 steps:

  1. Learn Analytics Wizardry in 30 days
  2. Collect Analytics Data
  3. Optimize Your Results
  4. Make More Money
  5. Party Like a Rockstar

So what’s the content curriculum look like?

Lifetime Access to Google Analytics Course

Lifetime Access to Google Analytics Course

Lifetime Access to Google Analytics Course

 Lifetime Access to Google Analytics Course

Whether you’re learning Google Analytics to provide more value to your clients, or to grow your personal business, this course is basically like taking the red pill and finally being able to step into the Google Analytics Matrix.

Word to the wise for newer Sumolings: this course sold out fast the last time we offered it.

Don’t wait too long to buy your code or you’ll risk missing out on learning Google Analytics in 30 days for just $39.

Click here to master Google Analytics for just $39!