Lifetime Access to Conversific for $49 (Feb 2018)

The best way to grow your eCommerce revenue

Conversific analyzes your e-commerce data and tells you how to make more money

When you own an e-commerce store, there’s tons of data you should be using to grow your business.

I know. I know. You and data don’t get along. (Data is that smug coworker who’s always showing off how smart and important they are like some kind of big shot.)

So you’re forced to either pay someone to analyze it, or, worse, spend hours trying to understand it yourself. (There’s a direct correlation between trying to understand data and being sad.)

Well, the way you approach e-commerce data changes today.

Introducing Conversific.

Conversific is a first of its kind business intelligence platform for Shopify and Woo Commerce that analyzes data and shows users how to optimize various areas of their business.

Conversific makes, what was once a daunting task, simple, understandable, and actionable.

With pre-defined reports and a dashboard specialized for e-commerce, there’s no more struggling with manual data setup.

Lifetime Access to Conversific

Consersific allows users to bypass the traditional gathering of data and reports, so they can focus on making moves to improve their business.

Lifetime Access to Conversific

Here’s how it works:

With just one click, Conversific is installed onto your ecommerce store from the Shopify app store or Woo Commerce plugin.

After installation, you’ll enable Google Analytics and Google Search Console Connection.

Then, once you’ve signed in, a comprehensive view of your reports and dashboards will appear.

The info Conversific gives you will help with the optimization of products, categories, markets, and customers!

Lifetime Access to Conversific

Because we are big fans of data, Conversific and AppSumo have teamed up to bring Sumo-lings a special plan.

Inside of this Special AppSumo plan, you’ll get:

    • 1 store (Shopify and/or WooCommerce)
    • Up to 12,000 orders/year
    • FB ads integration & Checkout Funnel Analysis
    • Multiple users management
    • Can stack codes to multiply order and/or store limit

Now, this special plan is valued at $300 per year.

However, you are able to get lifetime access right now for only $49!

That’s 86% off in the first year alone!

Click here to start optimizing your store now!

Lifetime Access to Conversific

There’s no denying there are plenty of platforms that can capture data and analytics.

But, only Conversific will help you understand what’s important and show you where you need to make changes.

Conversific will show you which products and categories should be featured, which products aren’t pulling their weight, and which products would benefit from being packaged together.

We are sending this cool weekly report so you can be up to date with the most important numbers of your store even while you’re sipping magaritas on the beach!

Lifetime Access to Conversific

You’ll have have a direct look at the marketing channels working best for you so that you can crush your ROI.

These actionable tips to improve conversions will help you grow your business much more than those platforms just collecting data.

A tool that can decode data and give suggestions on how to grow a business is definitely one worth having.

Especially with these killer features coming soon on their roadmap:

Lifetime Access to Conversific

And it’s also a tool most people would pay an arm and a leg for.

So, take advantage of the fact Conversific is letting you keep your arm and leg by only asking for $49 once!

Start growing your e-Commerce business with Conversific now!

P.S. If you stack codes, you will multiply the number of stores and/or orders per year in your account. The orders can be spread however you’d like between the stores.