Lifetime Access to bizplan Premium Plan for $20 (Mar 2017)

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Bizplan’s modern-day business plan is exactly what every entrepreneur needs


Sumo-lings don’t need (or want) traditional business plans.

They’re clunky, stiff, and outdated… like a peg leg.

BUT… it’s still important to map out your company’s direction and plan your roadmap so you can stay on track.

This is why we introduced you to bizplan last week.

Bizplan is a tool for anyone who hates wasting time on boring, outdated business plans.

With bizplan, you can break things down piece-by-piece to focus on what you want, when you want.

Lifetime Access to Bizplan Premium Plan

Bizplan has tools for:

    • Productivity (Progress tracker, drag-and-drop templates)
    • Finances (Input salaries and expected increases, track inventory costs, project revenue, etc.)
    • Reporting (Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Break Even Analysis, User Churn, etc.)
  • Sharing (Online collaboration or print when finished)

Basically, bizplan is giving you tools for everything you need and making it stupid simple for you to use.

Lifetime Access to Bizplan Premium Plan

(Bizplan’s financial center is giving Charles Schwab a run for their money.)
Sumo-lings are absolutely salivating over this deal like Pavlov’s dogs:

Lifetime Access to Bizplan Premium Plan

Lifetime Access to Bizplan Premium Plan

Lifetime Access to Bizplan Premium Plan

Not only is bizplan providing a fantastic service, they are doing so for WAY less than they should.

Ordinarily, what’s offered in this deal would cost you $600 per year.

But we got you it for only $20! And that $20 covers you for life!

Lifetime deal for only $20??

What in the world are you waiting for?

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