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Increase conversions by tracking, segmenting, and retargeting customers

In a perfect world, customers come to your website, credit card in hand, ready to buy all of your products.

But if Kanye’s presidency announcement taught us anything, it’s that the world is less than perfect. And with that, less than 5% of customers that arrive on your page ready to make a purchase.

That’s where and its marketing automation platform comes in.

Lifetime Access to lets you create and send personal messages based on user behavior.

Being able to send customers personal messages is a product of’s smart segmentation.

We’re not talking linear segmentation (the kind where you’re breaking users up into two groups), we’re talking granular segmentation (the kind that lets you segment users individually).

With granular segmentation, you’re getting a personalized, 360° view of your customers in real time. (Customers, better start doing your lunges.)

Lifetime Access to

Once you have them segmented, you’ll be able to show customers relevant content and products based on individual preferences, behavior, and history.

You’ll also be able to trigger a segment via Email, Push Notification, and HTML Displays to retarget your customers. This will help you grow your customer base and increase conversions.

Because knows you want to track everything, they’re giving you a dashboard that’ll let you store and view valuable informationsuch as a history of all segments and triggers, as well as open, click, and conversion rates.

Lifetime Access to

Is this what the youths are talking about when they say they are “triggered?”
Normally, a plan like this would run you about $1,200 per year.

This plan is geared towards businesses that experience high traffic and need:

    • 10,000 unique profiles per month
    • 150,000 email campaigns per month
    • Unlimited users and segments
    • Unlimited campaigns and triggers
  • Unlimited push notifications and HTML displays

And when you look at everything included in this plan, you quickly realize that the asking price is more than fair.

However, it’s important to us that you start off October on the right foot.

So, starting right now, Sumolings can get lifetime access for just $49!

That’s 96% off the regular price in the first year alone! (If you use it for three years, that’s 99% off!)

We had to run the math twice because we couldn’t believe it.

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Lifetime Access to

Segment your push notifications for increased conversions.
While you are obviously impressed with, you may still be wondering why you should use it.

There are a lot of reasons.

And, well, you guessed it, I’m going to tell you about them.

First, you can retarget customers who placed products in their cart, but never finished checking out. will give you ways to lure them back in to finish the transaction.

Next, your user experience and engagement will increase because of the personalized messages you will be sending them.

You’ll impact conversions by placing personalized pop-ups or rewards.

There’s also a chance to generate more sales by cross-selling and upselling customers with products or deals customers may not have seen yet. (“I noticed you like this product. Now, let me show you a similar, more expensive option.”)

Lastly, you can gather customer feedback with short surveys or feedback boxes.

Lifetime Access to

They won’t be thinking it over anymore after getting this custom email. is giving users a place to create, manage, and orchestrate data and experiences.

And we’re giving you the best deal to start making it happen.

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