Lifetime Access to Amplifr for $49 ( July 2017)

Never miss the perfect moment to post

The clock is ticking for Amplifr: the command center for your social media

Organizing, scheduling, and analyzing performance across all your social media accounts ain’t easy.

And finding the perfect time to post on each platform is an art and a science most of us don’t have the time to figure out.

Which is why we brought you this Amplifr deal last week!

Lifetime Access to Amplifr

Amplifr is a powerful social media scheduling and analytics service for companies, digital agencies and media projects.

Just check out how these Sumolings are raving about it:

Lifetime Access to Amplifr

Lifetime Access to Amplifr

When you fire up Amplifr, you’ll notice there are three main tabs you can click on: Posts, New Post, and Analytics.

Here is what you can do in each of those tabs:

    • Posts – There are two components to this tab. First, is a calendar view of current projects. In the calendar view, you can switch quickly between projects and see daily stats. Next, you can click on individual posts. Once in the individual post, you can glance at basic info and performance, reschedule it, or delete it from multiple accounts simultaneously.
    • New Post – Here, you can choose which accounts to post to. Create posts by dragging and dropping images/videos/GIFs or pasting links. Add separate text for certain social accounts. And even see an AI-driven time suggestion.
  • Analytics – This dashboard gives you a holistic view of your stats(daily/single post stats, conversions, newsletter signups, purchases, etc.) and helps you and your marketing team plan future marketing attacks. (The term attack is a figure of speech, and Appsumo does not condone violence. Unless someone is stealing your tacos or baby.)

These tabs, coupled with predictive analyticscollaboration with team members, and the fact Amplifr works on any device makes this a tool you don’t want to miss out on!

Lifetime Access to Amplifr

Sumolings, we’re not just introducing you to an awesome tool to use with your social accounts, we’re bringing you TWO lifetime options to choose from!

The first option is for Sumolings who have less than 30 accounts and work with less than 3 people.

Option #1 is only $49 for lifetime access and includes:

    • Up to 30 social media accounts
    • Unlimited scheduled posts
    • Up to 3 projects
    • Up to 3 collaborators for all projects
    • Up to 3 repost sources (RSS or Instagram)
  • Up to 3 conversion events analyzed

This option for you?

Click here right now for lifetime access to option #1!

The second option is for Sumolings who have more than 30 accounts and collaborate with more than 3 people.

Option #2 (The Agency option) is just $99 for lifetime access and includes:

    • Up to 50 social media accounts
    • Up to 5 projects
    • Up to 10 collaborators/clients for all projects
    • Up to 10 repost sources
    • Unlimited scheduled posts
    • Content collaboration, preview, and pipeline
  • Unlimited Project KPIs and dashboard

More of an agency Sumoling?

Click here right now for lifetime access to option #2!

Whichever option you’re thinking of choosing, know that you have less than 24 hours to pull the trigger.

P.S. Here is a list of features on the roadmap that are also included in this deal: