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How to get featured on industry blogs like a pro

Write, pitch, and plan your press releases

Face it: we’re in the age of shameless self-promotion. But you don’t have to be Kylie Jenner to get the kind of attention that moves the needle for your company.

Crafting a press release that journalists are actually going to want to read, and getting it into the right hands, seems straightforward.

But when it comes to the details, that’s where the anxiety sets in (“Who is the media? How do I reach them? What do I say?”).

That, clever Sumolings, is where PingGo comes in.

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PingGo is the do-it-yourself PR tool to help you build your brand and get noticed.

The first thing PingGo does is simplify the pitch writing process by getting you out of the dreaded blank screen and into a smart PR template (think: product launch, crowdfunding, etc.)

PingGo fires questions at you- the kind of questions a journalist would ask in an interview, without the gotcha factor. You answer those questions at your own pace, with no pressure of being put on the spot.

What does PingGo do with the answers you submit?

It crafts them into a rough draft you can polish to media-ready press release perfection. So, even if writing “isn’t your thing,” PingGo fills in the blanks.

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You can invite colleagues to comment and there is a big button to sign off on the final version. No chance of the wrong version going to the media (#covefefe).

On top of helping you write media releases, PingGo will let you plan a news timeline so you can hit your milestones.

To make sure you’re on top of your game, PingGo will send you regular alerts with actionable steps to move forward.

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PingGo’s PR planner clearly lays out steps and deadlines for your press release
Now, what does PingGo do about sending your story to the media?

Unlike other over-bloated media databases, PingGo helps you say goodbye to playing the numbers game, and focus on building long-lasting press relationships.

With PingGo, you can upload contacts and social media details right into the platform.

PingGo lets you customize your press release and send it to one journalist at a time with a personal touch. You can see when they open or download your release and they can message you in real time to ask questions or arrange an interview with you.

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PingGo’s little black book of contacts lets you keep notes about each interaction
The bottom line is that journalists want your news. But, they want it well-written so they don’t have to spend the time re-writing it, and they want to be the first to get it. PingGo can make that possible.

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What makes PingGo special?

They are the first company to automate media release writing.

Founder and creator, Sarah Lee, has worked in PR for 20 years and has stress tested the product with real journalists to make sure they love it.

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PingGo’s goal is to give companies the skills they need to build credibilityand access the media without having to hire a PR agency.

With PingGo, small companies get the chance to receive the same kind of coverage the big companies get. Move over Goliath, David’s here!

Ordinarily, access to PingGo’s High Growth Plan costs around $600 per year.

The High Growth Plan lets you:

    • Schedule and send unlimited press releases
    • Add and chat with your own media contacts
    • Track a press release as it is opened and downloaded
    • Collaborate with colleagues over approval and comments
  • Stay on top of your workflow with news milestones

But today, you lucky Sumolings, can grab lifetime access to this High Growth Plan today for only $39– that’s roughly half of what they charge every month!

Get Lifetime Access to PingGo

Keeping your PR in-house sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it? We think so. And at a fraction of the regular price, now’s your chance to make it happen.

Click here for lifetime access to PingGo’s High Growth Plan!

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