Lifetime Access to ActiveChat for $49.00 (Jan 2019)


Create chatbots in minutes with ActiveChat’s simple conversation platform and ready-to-use templates

Teach your bot practical skills like answering customer questions, making appointments, and online shopping

Pull user chat logs and numbers from your bot to improve functionality

Best for: Customer support, small businesses, and e-commerce shop owners

ActiveChat lets you create chatbots from scratch or via existing templates so you can automate customer support and streamline sales.

Creating a chatbot is easy with ActiveChat because it focuses on building conversations, not code.

ActiveChat makes conversational design visual with organized decision trees (it’s basically a Choose Your Own Adventure book) — all you need to do is drag, drop, and write the dialogue like you’re Scorsese.

From the moment your chatbot says “How can I help you?” (aw, its first words!), ActiveChat does all the heavy lifting on stuff like natural language understanding and analytics.

You can even add images to your chat scenarios and time and delay replies so conversations sound natural (because instant replies are kind of creepy, even with a bot).

Lifetime Access to ActiveChat

Once you’ve created your chat logic, you can take advantage of ActiveChat’s seamless integrations and reach customers on platforms they actually use like Facebook Messenger or Telegram.

Got a message you want to shout from the rooftops? Save your breath with the mass broadcast function that lets you reach multiple audience members at once (please DM responsibly).

But these chatbots don’t just talk the talk; they walk the walk.

ActiveChat gives your chatbot the power to fetch answers for FAQbook appointments, and take purchase orders. (And because it’s all fully integrated into your chat, customers can buy without saying bye to your bot.)

Lifetime Access to ActiveChat

Teaching a chatbot new tricks is simple, but if you’re still daunted, don’t worry.

ActiveChat’s got your back with a learning academy as well as dozens of ready-made chatbot templates for all kinds of companies, from banks to restaurants — just tweak the language to fit your brand and you’re off!

Lifetime Access to ActiveChat

And after you bring your friendly AI assistant to life, you’ll be able to access your bot’s list of active users and chat history.

Armed with this info, you can improve user experience.

Lifetime Access to ActiveChat

Marketers, small businesses, and e-commerce owners alike make bots that don’t suck using ActiveChat.

Since you could always use a bit of automation in your life, we’re bringing you the ActiveChat Architect Plan that includes:

Lifetime Access to ActiveChat

Get the most out of your chatbot with lifetime access to the Architect plan for just $49.

Or, stack this deal as many times as you’d like to create your personal chatbot army.

Automate your customer engagement today!

Lifetime Access to ActiveChat

Unlike other chatbot tools, ActiveChat’s powerful built-in e-commerce functionality processes payments and easily connects to online vendors like Shopify, WooCommerce, and more.

ActiveChat is the only tool that allows you to build product galleriesaccept orders, and send order updates and cart abandonment messages after just 15 minutes spent on bot development.

The amount of flexibility non-techies have to make a robust chatbot with ActiveChat is unparalled.

Lifetime Access to ActiveChat

When you want maximum customer engagement, human customer support specialists won’t be on call 24/7 (something about labor laws, IDK).

A chatbot can fix that.

And with ActiveChat, building an awesome and fully-integrated chatbot is as easy as stacking LEGO bricks.

Get lifetime access to ActiveChat now!

P.S. Have a question? Check out the ActiveChat Help Page.

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