$25 AppSumo Gift Card (Nov 2018)

For your nerdy friends, an AppSumo gift card is the best gift ever… it can help teach them new skills or help them with their business.

How do you politely tell someone, “I’d give you a cash gift, but I know you’re going to blow it on stupid crap”??

If you need to give a nerdy friend a gift, trying giving them AppSumo credits instead.

It’s the perfect gift for friends or family who fit this profile:

  • An entrepreneur or business owner
  • A developer or programmer
  • A web designer or app designer
  • A graphics person
  • A wannabe entrepreneur

But lemme explain WHY an AppSumo Gift Card is such a great gift:

If you give someone cash, they’ll most likely buy food, alcohol or drugs with it (this is a cold hard fact).*

* = Not a cold hard fact.

On the other hand, if you buy them an AppSumo gift card, they can pick out something from all the software & app deals on AppSumo, as well as our collection of how-to courses for nerds.

So really, getting someone an AppSumo gift card is like saying, “I really like you and want you to succeed in life… so I’m giving you something that will ACTUALLY help you develop new skills or improve your bid-naz.” 

That means instead of buying relatively useless stuff, they’ll get this fat-ass Sumo on their side to help them with their business (or learn new skills to help them with a job).

Not bad, eh?

So if you’re about to get a gift for a nerdy friend… give them an AppSumo Gift Certificate and they’ll thank you forever (or just wonder why a fatass Sumo landed on their inbox)!

To give the gift of “I wanna make your life richer” to your nerd friends, just grab this deal.

The gift card will immediately be emailed to you, and after you’ve passed it along to your lucky friend, they can redeem the code on AppSumo to apply the credit to their account.

The Chief “Pimping Myself Out One Gift Card At A Time” Sumo


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