Create and send emails from inside WordPress with beautiful, customizable templates

Work within the WordPress platform that you’re already using to manage your website

Automate your welcome, abandoned cart, and other emails with WooCommerce integration

Best for: Businesses and eCommerce store owners looking to optimize the value and return of their email list

MailPoet helps you stand out in any inbox by creating and delivering beautiful emails directly from WordPress.

Let’s face it. Without the right tools, email marketing is time-consuming and complicated.

Wish there were a convenient WordPress plugin that let you send emails straight from your dashboard?

Well, MailPoet is here to make your email marketing dreams come true. (Hercules! Hercules!)

MailPoet allows you to easily create and send different types of emails, including messages you should be automating, like welcome emails or WooCommerce notifications.

MailPoet Society Lifetime Deal And Reviews 2020

MailPoet offers a variety of email types, including automated messages.

If designing award-winning emails isn’t exactly your idea of a good time (we get it, you just picked up microbrewing), then you’ll love MailPoet’s beautifulcustomizable email templates.

Find the perfect responsive template for your newsletters, welcome emails, and post notifications.

MailPoet also integrates with WooCommerce, allowing you to send automatic notification emails to customers after they make a purchase.

The best part is that all of MailPoet’s templates are mobile-friendly and require no HTML.

MailPoet Society Lifetime Deal And Reviews 2020

Choose from a plethora of beautiful email templates that you can customize to fit your brand.

Once you’ve selected a template for your email message, you can customize it to fit your branding and style—no coding necessary.

Using MailPoet’s drag-and-drop email editor, add text, images, buttons, social, products, and other elements you want to include.

You can also load recent blog posts from your WordPress site directly into your newsletter without having to copy and paste.

When you’ve loaded your text and added images, you can start sending emails right away or save your draft for later.

MailPoet Society Lifetime Deal And Reviews 2020

Design your emails with MailPoet’s drag and drop editor, no HTML required.

Tired of sending the same emails over and over again?

MailPoet saves your aching fingers with automatic emails when a user takes an action, like signing up for your email list, leaving something in their cart, or making a purchase.

Create a welcome email seriesabandoned cart emailsand transactional messages using the tool’s simple automation and workflows. Now, your leads and customers never miss a communication, even when you’re juggling other tasks.

You can even put your blog updates on autopilot and send updates to your list automatically, depending on your chosen frequency—daily, weekly, monthly, or immediately after a new post goes up.

And with MailPoet, keeping track of your emails is easy. You can view sent messagesdraftsand scheduled messages, all from your WordPress dashboard.

MailPoet Society Lifetime Deal And Reviews 2020

Manage your drafts and sent messages, all from your WordPress dashboard.

Getting new email subscribers and growing your list shouldn’t feel like pulling teeth. (You’re a business owner, not a dentist.)

MailPoet makes it easy to turn casual site visitors into loyal subscribers by easily adding email signup forms to your sidebar or footer as widgets.

You can customize email signup forms so that they seamlessly integrate into your existing site design.

Managing subscribers is also easy—view, add, or remove subscribers from your list in just a few clicks.

MailPoet Society Lifetime Deal And Reviews 2020

Quickly and easily manage your subscribers right from WordPress.

If you’d rather jump out of a plane than design, send, and manage your marketing emails, then MailPoet is your handy parachute.

With easy-to-use drag and drop templates and helpful automation features, MailPoet makes sending beautiful, timely emails simple – all from the comfort of WordPress.

Turns out you’re a MailPoet and you didn’t even know it.


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